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Last Updated: 2022-10-25

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2 levels and pay what a rip off you have going. I don't pay for games for my kids or myself. This was a waste of my time to down load it then a game with no info on the dinos. That's way we down loaded it. But not the case with this game it cost them you get 4 more levels I don't think so. You need to stop charging Kids for your poor made up game that's not a game at all. Sorry excuse for you to call this a game.


Joke. Play pass is meant to be part of play pass. I don't expect it to include "trials". Only 2 levels need to pay for the other 4. Going off what's in the play pass version I wouldn't pay for 4 more levels of it.


Downloaded for my grandbaby. At 6 years old. She realized we couldn't play to open up any level beyond 2. To quote her "if we can't get past just erase it and let's get a new one".... So, deleting this and on to the next. There's another Dino dig game that's way more educational and ain't trying to market and steal from children 🙄

Kids, get ready to enjoy this grand journey as you trek high and low on a grand adventure. Choose your vehicle then set out on a quest. Earning fuel along the way travel through several scenes and hazards, using super tools to achieve your goal. Eventually, you come to the site and act as an archaeologist as you carefully dig and find the bones of a Jurassic superstar.

The fun isn’t over yet as you work to reassemble the bones, recreating this beautiful creature. But wait, suddenly he returns to life and it is up to you to save the day. Lead him on through new scenarios and challenges on your quest to reunite him with his family.

Suitable for children ages 2-5, this game offers hours of great fun and learning opportunities. Beautiful scenes, weather changes, a variety of vehicles, obstacles to overcome and surprises to share. Free of ads, this game has plenty of opportunity for your kids to use their imagination and enrich the experience with stories of their own.

Children love it and parents trust this Yateland designer's vision!

• Select from 6 fun vehicles
• Filled with exciting animation and surprises
• Delightful, kid-friendly sound effects
• Recommended for children ages 2+
• No third-party ads

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