けものフレンズ FESTIVAL

Last Updated: 2022-11-30
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Award winning "Ke no Friends",
The new soap rpg game is finally here!
"Japali Park", a super huge zoo built somewhere in this world.
Here are animals that became human forms with the power of mysterious substance "Sandstar".
Animal Girl, commonly known as "Friends", lived.
The Friends here live a festival.
It's the Festival of Gems, Japali Festival.
Around the "Death of the Sperm" written in the tome...
◆ Easy to pick up! Action Game with Handy Pulls
The main event of the festival
The power of friends!

Just tap to hit simple controls
Utilize the greatest skills of friends.
Overwhelm your opponents with "Kakemake"!
Sometimes Cerrian is in the way of his fingers…

◆ Raise you! ?
Friends are unique, dozens of colors!
From the beginning, choose the part you want to stretch
Freely grow your own friends!

◆The more you play, the more you learn about animals? !
Real animal sounds and
With voice commentary about animals by voice actors.
Such as animal ecology and habits,
Instinctive to tell your friend
So you can learn more about animals!

◆ Write down story around the Japali Festival
Progress through the game and
New stories will be added soon!

◆ Please contact us for any inquiries about "Ke no Friends FESTIVAL"
※ When making a question for bugs, please specify the device name and device version
Please contact us.
Ⓒ Kevin Friends Project G
Ⓒ GOODROID, All rights reserved.
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