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Last Updated: 2021-03-23 Current Version: 2.56.6

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Good game.make it easier to do all the quests. Add a function where you can delete the saved game character and data. I saved it on the account I would like to delete the data. Make it easier to do the events solo or hire. Make it easier to earn the gold ingots that are bound. Also I linked accounts but I want to restart it and link the restarted one on the same account. The game and graphics are epic. Make it more easy and fun Make it more of a solo player event.Make it so we can choose a sect.


Pros: great graphics, loads of storyline,awesome customization, cool class system. Cons: very little explanation on quest and various lvl systems. For example, I've been stuck on arlio's partner quest " make exquisite food" sounds easy enough but there's no feature to make food. Not does it give you an item or autopath path you to the next part of the task. Additionally customer service is virtually non-existent. Would give this game a better rating if not for these problems.


The design, itself, is beautiful. The characters are great and so is the story. I dislike the fact that most of the activity tasks require teams. In order to get certain items, you have to team up to enter the dungeon. I am a solo player type, so I find that to be stupid and biased. The newest development is the server is completely trashed. Cannot login at all. Contacted support and was told the situation is known and being handled. If it's not up by this evening, I'll uninstall and drop rating

Jade Dynasty is a unique MMORPG that offers exciting adventures and free movement in a virtual world full of magic. Relive a journey of love that lasts thousands of years.❤️

Jade Dynasty MMORPG will transport you to an incredible virtual world where you can become a student of one of twelve opposing schools and join the search for the secret of immortality worthy of the greatest of warriors. Embark on the dangerous path that will test your resolve, delve into the story of love, romance, and betrayal, participate in cross-server events and change this fantastic world forever! Pave your road with sword and magic!

Jade Dynasty MMORPG key features:

💫Free-roam mount flights!

The easiest way to traverse an enchanted realm without borders and height restrictions is to saddle your mount and take off into the clouds. Explore vast expansive areas and conquer the virtual skies of Jade Dynasty with friends!

🔥Extensive character customization

Bring your wildest dreams to life by customizing your hero down to the smallest of details! Create an extraordinary character with a unique appearance, accessories, and a style outfit to boot.

⚔️Massive cross-server battles!

Complete quests and missions, enjoy solo dungeons and raid with friends of different levels to defeat bosses and collect majestic loot. If fighting other players is more of your cup of tea — conquer the arena to relish in dynamic team battles. Prove that your school is the strongest! Defeat enemies with epic skills and well-timed combo attacks. Adapt to outlive your opponents!

🛡Unique clan system

Your clan is your family. Find your calling, become the leader, recruit new students, and create the friendliest clan on the server to surmount every event leaderboard!

✨Glorious HD graphics

The game's HD quality graphics are optimized for mobile devices and allow players to fully immerse themselves in the carefully crafted and colorful landscapes of the Jade Dynasty fantasy world.

Make your choice in the ideal world of Jade Dynasty and find your own path to immortality... but remember — victory is forged in battle! ⚔️

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