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Last Updated: 2023-02-02

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Much like Ultimate Texas Holdem (or UTH) it's just like the table game you'll find in most casinos. Jackpot Holdem has two differences:
1. The first flop card is revealed prior to a raise!
2. To offset this advantage the first raise is limited to 3x your bet instead of 4.

Similar to Blackjack It's you versus the dealer. Payouts are determined by the quality of your hand. Better hands equal higher payouts. Featuring offline play, repeat bets (including Trips bet) and low-frills quick play. Great for practicing your strategy. Bonus bet provides an opportunity for HUGE winnings. Getting low on funds? Spin The Wheel* to earn bonus chips (*requires internet connection).

- The game is played with a 52-card deck.
- The player makes a bet on Ante and Blind, which must be equal to each other. An optional bet can also be made on Trips – which only pays out when specific hands are achieved.
- The dealer draws two cards for the player and himself. The player is allowed to look at their cards.
- 5 face down community cards are dealt.
- The first of three "flop" cards are revealed.
-The player can either check or make a Play bet that is equivalent to three or four times the Ante bet.
- The Dealer turns over the remaining "flop" community cards.
- If the player checked in the last phase of play, then he/she can make a Play bet that is double the original Ante bet or check again. If the player has already bet, they do nothing.
- The Dealer turns over the final two community cards.
- If the player has already checked twice, they must either make a Play bet that is equal to the Ante bet, or fold. If the player folds, they lose both the Ante and Blind bets.
- As with other Texas Holdem games, the dealer and the player try to make the best possible five-card hand with a combination of hole cards and community cards.
- The dealer must have at least a pair in order to qualify to play.
- The two hands are compared and the Blind, Ante, and Play bets are scored depending on a variety of Ultimate Texas Holdem rules. If the player wins and the dealer qualified, each of the three bets are paid out. If the dealer fails to qualify, the Ante bet is returned to the player. If the dealer wins, the player loses all of their bets (Trips and bonus bets are an exception). If there is a tie, all of the bets are returned.
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