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Last Updated: 2023-01-26
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Fatema It Ltd presents Infantry War Zone: a 8v8 character-based tactical FPS Android Game where precise gunplay meets unique agent abilities.

Awesome Feature:
Infantry War Zone is a cloud server based game. This game will store the resources or game files on our own servers. This game will not use your device's memory space. All the files will be stored on our own server. Infantry War Zone will never use your memory. It will never impact your phone. Play the game without lagging.

The game is compared as a perfect combination between two games Counter-Striker: Global Offensive and Overwatch. Infantry War Zone competes in a 8vs8 format. Basically, players are divided into 2 factions, Attackers and Defenders. The basic task of the Attackers faction is to place and protect the Spike until it explodes or destroys all defenders. The Defenders side will have the opposite task of preventing the enemy from placing Spike or destroying the entire attacking faction.

A match usually has 13 rounds. The two sides switch sides in round 12 and whoever reaches 13 first is the winner. For Competitive mode, when two teams have a score of 12-12, they must play Overtime. The game ends when one of the two teams leads by two points.

But if that's all, it's too similar to CS: GO. What sets this game apart is the Agents with their distinct skill sets and roles. And players must possess accurate aiming skills and good teamwork with teammates to win.

The characters in Infantry War Zone are not called Champions or Heroes but Agents. Agents all possess a different set of skills depending on the role. Currently the game has 25 agents with 4 main roles.

Character creation and skill effects are awesome. It makes you feel like you're experiencing an anime gunfight. Not only that, the great advantage is that the game's graphics are super light, making it possible for devices with mid-range configurations to play smoothly. If to evaluate on a 10-point scale, the game's graphics are at 10/10.

There are many maps available in Infantry War Zone. Gamers can choose maps as their choice. All maps are beautiful. Infantry War Zone is a game for android same like a pc battle royale game.

Note: Infantry War Zone is a paid game. All skins, guns, and others components are free. Install the game and enjoy forever free. Thanks.
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