Immortal Awakening

Last Updated: 2023-01-09

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What even is the point of having controls when everything is done for you? Everything is so bland, from upgrading, acquiring new gear, levelling and abilities. I swear you can't go 2 seconds without levelling up which makes the prospect of levelling up boring af. Also a huge amount of micro transactions when the game just launched. If you want my money then please put in some effort.


It is worth all the time I have spent on this game. It is entertaining and really addictive too. You have the option of playing it AFK, and you can have full control of your character, challenging and unique, with amazing graphics and effects, wishing to be a moderator.


After staring at the loading screen of the game for more than a month now... Developer promises solutions but fails to deliver. The game looks promising but sadly a solution isn't to be found for this bug. Honestly a very bad experience with this game would not recommend!

Play Immortal Awakening on PC


Immortal Awakening is a game between demons and deities, and this role-playing game by NEOCRAFT LIMITED will take you through an immortal war where the homeland has already been destroyed. You, as an awakener, will save this world by preventing it from the Grand Collapse with the blessing of the Human Last Shelter, and LDPlayer 9 is the best emulator to play Immortal Awakening on PC.


Slay Bosses, Enemies in Battlefield with Your Heroes


You will have to face off so many epic bosses with challenges in PVE dungeons in Immortal Awakening. These are all designed strategically to make your best moves to become the best, and your skills and courage are a must to make yourself better. Every boss will be unique in their skills, and the one who plays smart will reach victory soon. These bosses will also drop you several legendary gears, so if you are successful at beating them, you will be clearing a way to progress quickly.


Immortal Awakening also features so many PVP battles, and you need to crush all these enemies in no time. Selecting the best combo will help you reach the top on the battlefield, and you can show how wise you are by creating the best hero with magic in Immortal Awakening.


Turn Your Battleground to Yours


Do you need help handling your heroes with those default joystick controls? No problem. We have got you with LDPlayer 9. There will be the option of Keyboard Mapping to set you customized controls over your characters, and the battlefield will no longer be an issue of handling for any.


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