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Last Updated: 2022-09-29
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The game itself is cute. The little characters are fun and I love seeing the quirky visuals for the different upgrades as you go. You can get far fast without spending any money, just have to watch a LOT of ads. That being said, I've had the game for 3 days and have the first 2 inns at 100%. After I finish the rest I don't see a point in keeping the game or someday spending in it, since there's nothing to do beyond the upgrades. There should definitely be some additions to keep people playing.


This used to be a good game. I enjoyed it for several months. But the weekly events became based on leaderboards for rewards. The only way to place is to use speedups at the beginning of the event to max everything right away. The idle aspect of the game is gone. I've reset my inns over 40 times and still enjoyed playing. When the devs decided to run the Nimble Trout event like the wizard school, that's when I decided to quit. I skip wizard school because it's not fun, even after I've place 1st.


Gems don't seem to be missing anymore so - this game is surprisingly fun to go back too! The only couple of draw backs now is that I actually get MORE ads compared to when i first started playing (why would you give the person who is playing your game constantly, more ads? Seems punishing) its also taking much longer to upgrade things. It takes so much money that I usually upgrade once and then log off for a few hours, maybe the rest of the day. So income needs balancing.

Welcome to medieval times! And as most of the arguments here end with a fight, we are in need of a new innkeeper for the Fat Boar Inn!

Build a medieval Hotel Empire! Manage Inns this idle Simulator!

Come play the fun Hotel Management Tycoon game rather than an idle:

- Run a medieval hotel, construct new rooms, buy furniture and upgrade it to bring maximum comfort to your visitors.
- 8 Inns in various environments;
- Operate a kitchen and bar to provide visitors with basic needs;
- Explore new services - fight at the coliseum, chill at the bathhouse or explore new and trendy stuff like fishing, arcade and diving;
- Collect pets that will roam around your managed inns;
- Construct famous landmarks to really make your Inn stand out!

Explore services of Idle Inn Tycoon - Hotel management game:
Various restaurants, cooking food for your visitors 🍖🍣
Beaches, Surfing, Bathhouses, and other fun services where visitors will have fun while you idle 🏊‍♂️
Gyms, arenas, and other sports activities 🏅

How can you become a business tycoon with Idle Inn Empire? It’s simple:
Manage salaries and visitor needs; 💵
Purchase new services like restaurants, new hotel rooms, food courts, and fun activities; 🍴
Hire managers to help you run your Inn; 🧑‍💼
Cook delicious food 🍔
Compete in Chocolate Factory and Fishing events and expect more fun special locations! 🎣
Build your empire 💰

Idle Inn Empire Tycoon - Game Manager Simulator, the new Hotel simulation game

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