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Last Updated: 2022-09-27
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I like the game overall, but it's too hard to progress as you nearly never get higher tier horses. Some of the courses are literally impossible because very often the horse just won't jump one of the obstacles in a combination. One thing I notices is that it tracks the number of poles you knock down, not how many obstacles you fail, which makes the Challenges really difficult since you might only fail one jump, but because you knock down multiple poles on one obstacle, you lose the entire thing.


It has the potential to be super good, but as it is now, just a Pay to Play. Can't progress further in the game because I need 4 tier horse, and you need silver or gold keys to get better horses, which are gotten in two ways; buy them with real money or hope you get some silver drop during replaying previously beaten levels. In Levels it is IMPOSSIBLE to beat some without knocking down poles, the jumps are too close together. If they update with changes I will change my rating. 2 Stars.


I've enjoyed playing this game, but I'm stuck at level 48 for a while now (I have the experience for 49, which is "coming soon"). Is this game still being worked on? I'm at max 18 horses, all buildings maxed, I've completed all 10 levels of jumping challenges, and there is nothing new to do. The only things I've seen added are new ways to spend money on tack and clothes (boring. I don't want to keep playing this game if the coming soon are never coming. I don't like farming games...

Do you have what it takes to train an epic team of horses to ride, jump and take on the race tracks at breakneck speed? The crowd is waiting for a legend -- let’s awe them with your horse riding skills!

Build your empire on a horse farm of hand-picked champion horses from top breeds. Get to know each horse and upgrade their skills. They’re yours to train! Feed them, expand the farm, push them to excel, and teach them to ride like the wind.

Give the crowds the ride of their lives, and make your legend! Reap rich rewards every time you win a competition -- the higher your rankings, the better the reward! Every new competition has a new set of obstacles. Make sure you train your horses well, and pick the right ones to hit the tracks with.

Horse Legends is taking horse riding to the next level! With epic equestrian competitions that test your skill, you’ll be living the legend. The tracks are open, this horse ride is yours - GIDDYUP!

> Build an EPIC HORSE FARM that will go down in legends
> Send your trailer off to the market to get new horses. COLLECT A TEAM OF HORSES of various top breeds, each with their own particular skills!
> These horses are under your command! Train them well, UPGRADING THEIR SKILLS and getting them ready to COMPETE!
> Experience the thrill of HORSE RIDING, JUMPING AND VAULTING as the crowd ohhs and ahhs.
> Each track has its own set of obstacles, so you’ll never get bored of upgrading your horse riding skills.
> Win EPIC REWARDS! Every time you win a Horse Legend competition, you can ring in the rewards. The higher your ranking, the richer your reward.
> Expand your farm, buying more land and building spiffy new facilities to add more horses to your team and train them in every horse riding skill.
> Only a well-fed horse will ride well and win a Horse Legend competition! Build a greenhouse, plant a variety of crops, and even build a food mill. Your horses will be the best fed horses in the country!
> Cinematic scenery to make you feel the epic countryside, the THRILL OF THE RIDE, and race track legends in all their glory.

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