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Last Updated: 2022-11-25
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At first I thought it was just a normal mobile game but after creating my own character, I found it's pretty freely and detailed to customize appearance. I can feel the devs made great efforts to that part. What's mo, you can fly over most of the buildings, which is kind of cool but sometime it won't work. Hoping more scenes and buildings will be available later. After all, flying should be no restriction and be able to look over all beautiful scenery.


The game has free customization to make your own character and it feels like you can create a bunch of dfiferent designs with minor changes. You can even make funny character if you wish. So far the game setting is very good and I love the gorgeous graphics and it just feels amazing. By the way, I have no problem running the game, no lags no freezing issues. It's awesome to have such high quality with smooth performance. Great job!


Meh. High graphical quality, but auto-path, auto-quest, auto-battle games are a dime a dozen. As far as I can tell, there is no way to get a pointer to the next objective without engaging auto-path, there is no way to complete many quests without auto-quest, and auto-battle always engages at quest objectives. You made a pretty nice game, I wish you would let me play it.

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The Honor of Heirs is an MMORPG game that carries a medieval fantasy journey on it, and this is a play-to-earn game by AUFURE GAMING (HONG KONG) LIMITED. You will be taken into an epic adventure set in the medieval area here, and this 3D fantasy game will make you the hero for the adventure.


In Honor of Heirs, you have to assemble your most powerful hero within the medieval order, and they will conquer the Avalon here. You have a tale to create the best epic hero from the game, and now that the world is under the dark ages, the knight you create here has to rescue the world from it. Your hero might be a melee or a swordsman. It doesn't matter, as they are only required to be this game's epic hero.


Immersive Battles, Wilderness, Friends, and Best Aesthetics


The Honor of Heirs is rich with a unique battling experience, and it has been greatly enhanced with audio effects and visuals. There will be the most realistic hardcore skills that you have to deal with here. There will be so many hidden ruins, moonlit cost, as well as the endless grant that waits for you to be explored, and there is no boundary for your journey.


You can also have companions from Honor of Heirs to enjoy the adventure to the fullest, and the friends you gather can be used to adventure together and be brave for the adventure. The best part is that everything here is packed with the best graphics, and you can enjoy it to the fullest with LDPlayer 9.


The Best Battle Moves with Best Visuals


Every battle can now be smoothly handled with the best emulator: LDPlayer 9, because it gives you customized controls with the Keyboard Mapping feature. And if you really want to enjoy the game colorfully with the best visuals, the LDPlayer 9 would be the ideal place to enjoy your game to the fullest.


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