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Excellent game, this game proves to me time and time again that it can be irritating and also rewarding, the level of competition in this game is very fun, while sometimes players/teammates can be annoying, but the RoV team has done a great job with the credibily system. The level of customisability and the amount of heroes that fit your play style is amazing.


Yeah, just like others my characters and skins are al gone and I can not play any ranked match. Sometimes I also experience some bug while loading such as enemies character being blank and have some weird text with #behind and I cannot load in for what ever the reason is. Pretty much unplayable. Peace out.


This was an absolutely amazing game until the RoV Day update came. The game is full of bugs, I keep on loading in the game with no heroes, no ranks, and sometimes no data. I keep on having to refresh the game because I have no heroes and can't play ranked. And when I enter a game, sometimes the loading screen doesn't load and I have to refresh the game until it works, but I still get an AFK penalty for it even though it was a bug. I still like the game but it is not as great as before.

New Features!
1. New game mode
2. Career system
3. Optimized Preparation system
4. Optimized in-game battlefield
5. Improve gameplay experience
6. Hero adjustments to support world tournament
7. Bug fixes and improvements

RoV : Challenge yourself with a thrilling 5V5 MOBA experience on mobiles. With new exquisite heroes and plenty of free items, let's begin new legends of mobile eSports together now.

Team strategy, hero counter, and picking, and strategic planning skills. Team-up and fight on the battlefield to end the game in triumph.

+Hero Balance
Balanced and flexible heroes allow players to adjust their plans for various situations. The fun begins from hero pick-ban to competing fairly on the battlefield. Only the best players win!

+10-Minute Game
With a fast-paced game, approximately 10 minutes for each game, players can have a full MOBA experience anytime and anywhere.

+Smooth Control
Smooth controls for mobile MOBA system, designed and researched by best game developers.

Breathtaking competitions among Pro League champions with exceptional strategies and gameplays.
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