Freaky Stan: Tricky Puzzle Fun

Hypercell Games
Last Updated: 2023-03-23

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Well (add) I think it could have (add) been a good game but (add) there are some issues. (Add) The choices are often unpredictable as to what they mean, (add) and you can't really lose because (add) if you pick the wrong (add-add) one you just instantly do it over again and get it right, especially since there's only two choices (add). Other than that it would be fun if (add) it wasn't for... Let's see (Add), maybe I dunno, an add every 20 to 30 seconds... (Add). Yeah, it's that annoying. (Add)


Why aren't there any new levels!? You guys had all the time in the world to make new levels, and you did nothing!? That is so unacceptable!!! I want to enjoy this game, but I can't because it's not long enough! Everything gets so simple that the game is over almost right as it starts! If you want me to keep playing, make new levels!


I don't have many problems, I like the game but I'm just wondering what does the money do?? I don't have many advert problems...but I did have rewards percentages after each level now there are not. I didn't even get all the outfits for the characters... So I have two questions: The money function and the outfit box. There isn't a problem with the game...I just wanted to get the Information about those "problems". Thank you for your time 😄😄

A tricky puzzle cartoon fun. Save the bro! Help him out! Protect the guy! A mind-blowing comics game. Make your choice! Choose the answer! This brain teaser is full with a series of tricky puzzle stories. That will boost your thinking skills, logic and IQ level!

- Brand new brain-pushing comics journey;
- Unexpected 'make your choice' brain teaser tests;
- Follow the story of the crazy guy;
- Help him reach his Celebrity!
- Save the guy, dude! Help him out!
- Enjoy an addictive, relaxing and casual fun!

Relaxing, challenging and addictive tricky puzzle! If you are a fan of Bob comics, save the girl, protect the bro, man, dude and other solve challenges games - you will like our new brain teaser cartoon fun!
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