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Last Updated: 2022-09-27
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I liked this game until the update. Now Ive lost things I bought and I'm starting at square one. Ive lost the arcade, when I craft something for a house I can't place it because it doesn't show up but says it's in my bag and it's not. I had to waste energy to uncover the cattle shed I spent 4000 coins on and it still won't work. And they won't answer emails and fix it.


The game is okay so far, but the lack of storage is ridiculously low. You plow through energy like crazy. It is supposed to be f2p, but there is no way to store everything you get from the different stories and your own home base because you have barely any space and rarely get what you need to increase your storage. Even when you can increase your storage, it barely increases.


I like the games before, spent real money sometimes.But after the update the game is going to be very bad.Lots things is changed and lost and also can't complete the new story.Say go back to complete another story which is already fully DONE and closed. Otherwise can't continue the new stories..can't go back and can't continue, so after few months plays and wasted money I need uninstall and reinstall the game to start again from the beginning if I want to continue this stupid games..no way😠

How's life going on after Princess married the Prince? Is it real that they live happily ever after?
Welcome to the world of Fairyscapes. Join Sophia to travel between real world and the fairytale land. While there, you'll meet Princess Snowy, Little Mermaid, Bella, Cinderella and other characters. Help them to solve their problems and live in real life town.

Storybrooke features:
- 📖 New Stories: Explore a new story after happy ending. Reveal Princess‘daily life in the real world.
-💫Decorations: Decorate your own Town! Restore the houses, customize decorations, and help fairytale characters live a better place.
- 🔍Explorations: Set on a mysterious adventure and explore the fairytale world: the enchanted Forest, the underwater Dungeon, the magic Palaze and many other fancy places in the fairyland. Save Fairytale land from unkown curse.🔥🔥🔥
-👑Characters: Meet different fairytale characters - Snowy👸🏼, Little Mermaid🧜, Bella, Cinderella...... Help them solve daily problems. You can change their stories if you want!🍎🍎🍎
-🏘 Build: Grow crops, raise animals, decorate your town and create your unique town for the fairytale characters to live.
-✨Chioces: Make different choices in the story. This is going to be your favorite Fairy show!🤩

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