Drone Strike Military War 3D

Last Updated: 2023-03-28

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Not yet a game. You get about 3 targets to hit with unlimited time it seems. It takes about 15sec per match, then off to 30 sec ads after the match, then another 30 sec ad if you want to get more coins and upgrade. The graphics are super basic, not sure why some people said they were great. One day when this is challenging and has longer missions, it will be a good game. But right now, I'm uninstalling this beta "game". I played 21 missions.


This game ia fun and the concept have a great potential. However, the ads can be a little overwhelming. The "no-ad" version of the game worth $24.99 (USD) and that is too expenaive being honest. Another observation is that the missions are too simple and short. Recommendations; Lower the cost of the free version, lower the quantity of ads since this is impacting in the number of users you will have in the game, make an "story" campaing for the game.


The initial review I hv since deleted was incorrect. Game is fun, but way to many ads that are to long between missions. Graphics are really good. I like it, just wish the ads were only between maybe every other mission. Also, the many of the ads, especially credit karma, take you to either their website or Google play when you hit the exit even after the entire ad has played.

Drone Strike Military War 3D is full of action and combat warfare game that takes you right into the middle of battle.

You are in command of aerial strikes to fire rockets at the enemy and slay them through drones with a helicopter or gunship view. You have to aim your target to perfection and bombard enemy targets and their base. From the first strike to the last, you need to overcome enemy tanks in the battle while being in flight from the sky.

This game takes you into a realistic aerial military warfare action environment with jets flying around you with their heavy jet sounds and fire sounds. You have to focus on your aim and avoid all distractions to fulfill your battle mission.

Dive into contemporary warfare with drone strikes and the air force mission. You’ll be provided with weapons like rockets. You’ll need to aim your rockets at enemy tanks and fire rockets to destroy them and wreck them completely in 3D.

A thrilling experience with jaw dropping suspense causing destruction in the enemy lines while in heavy combat and aerial warfare. Experience modern warfare with drones in flight and aerial military shooting to slay and destroy the base and tanks of the enemy.

● Perfect your aim
● Realistic Drone Simulator from the sky
● Fire at the enemy while being in flight
● Helicopter or gunship view of enemy tanks and their base
● Warfare filled with action and combat
● Experience the world of the contemporary air force and aerial military
● Slay the enemy from a helicopter or in a gunship view
● Battle like never before
● Complete mission tasks in combat
● Realistic warfare environment with jets flying and shooting sounds
● 3D Graphics aerial view
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