Drake n Trap

Last Updated: 2021-08-23 Current Version: 1.0.20
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[Game Features]
New Expedition unprecedented!
- Summon Units and Avoid traps to conquer powerful Boss.
- Find hidden treasures of the dungeon.

Major Combat with simple operating!
- Implement a various strategy easily and handily.

To conquer various traps!
- The dangerous traps nonreassuring.
- You can lure the monsters on the traps to kill them.

The Arena with Users throughout the world!
- A Competition mode between 6 players at the real time!
- Break Through various dungeons classified by the tier.

Challenge the highest tier! Ranking Mode!
- Eliminate the boss appeared each 5 floors to be the best leader.

Organize your own powerful deck!
- The Attractive Units like Warrior, Archer, even Magician.
- The Drake have own skills to take effects with explosion, healing, invincibility.
- Making the best team to use charming units and drake.

The Nurture/Growth System to make the Best Party!
- Raise the levels of units, drake and Leader.
- Strengthen and Compose Weapons/Armors to be strong.
- Special upgrade system : Make the skills more useful when the battle.

Composition of the Stage will never got boring!
- Challenge to clear the maximum of 500 or more stages.

[How to Play]
1. Tap and Drag the screen left to move the leader character.
2. Operate the buttons 'Come on/Attack' to move the units.
3. You can clear the stage to kill the boss within a certain time limit!

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