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Last Updated: 2022-10-20
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Nice game, I have paid for the ad free experience to aid in developing the umpteen upgrades. It would play better if you were able to upgrade more than 1 building at a time, 2 hrs here, 4 hours there, 8 hour upgrades, it's a long wait so please look into adding a way to upgrade multiple building structures please. Also could you add a way to open multiple boxes at once, I average 4 boxes per level and it's tedious individually clicking them. Overall I do enjoy this game.


I really like it. The ads aren't as bad as the voodoo games and interrupt you during the rounds. But I'd like to know what are the 3 other options for next to the basic vampires? I've played for a little while now thinking I might unlock a new character to click with no such luck and no information anywhere.


Woooow. So. Many. Ads. It's ridiculous. They take as much time as the actual (lackluster) gameplay. I get bored waiting for them instead of having fun! This is the opposite of what a game should do! Either that, or paying 10 bucks for a simple mindless game that doesn't offer much. AND to top it off, timers in the buildings. Just started and I have a 2H one rolling. LOL. No thanks. Uninstalled.

Welcome to Dracula City Master - the ultimate idle horror tower defense game! Lead your own vampire army on a quest to conquer the world, expand your army with the tap of your finger and unleash hordes of hungry vampires into the world, with one goal - total domination!

Unlike other tower defense games, Dracula City Master puts you in charge of an ever expanding undead army that grows as you ransack towns and villages converting the humans you encounter into members of your hungry horde! The only way to win is to turn every human into a vampire!

Dracula City Master is an easy to pick up, play and master idle tower defense game that will provide you with hours of bloodsucking fun!

Unlike other tower defense games your goal is to defeat those who try to defend their city. Grow your army with each new city you conquer - the bigger your army the better chance you have at winning!

Spawn Vampires with The Tap of Your Finger and Conquer the World With An Ever Growing Undead Army!

Collect spoils as you conquer new cities and increase the power and size of your vampire army!

Empower your Army with a Variety of Powerful Vampires With Special Abilities!
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