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Last Updated: 2021-05-07

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Version: 0.2.235

Dont Party: Pixel Z

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I don't know from what day there will be capable people in the world. Some people can't control their abilities, and some people are backlashed by their abilities. The relocation of a small village, the disappearance of a settlement, the establishment of a flood control dam... Behind these seemingly ordinary events, there is a huge conspiracy hidden.
When you have personally witnessed this conspiracy, how should you choose to conform to your conscience?
How do you protect yourself when you become the person who despises the bottom of the chain in this world?
When your right to speak is suppressed by the shady, how can you make a sound?
"Zombie Party" provides a unique way of survival.
In the world of "Zombie Party", people with different abilities are divided into two types-some people with different abilities are called "chaos people". They are too powerful to control freely, and they often produce events of violent abilities. The high frequency of runaways has severely distorted ordinary people's cognition of capable people. Fear and chaos have replaced luck and power and become their new pronouns. The other is the "order capable person". The destructive power of their abilities is not as powerful as those with the Chaos ability, but it is controllable. Those with the ability of order are often associated with the government and business giants. When a rebellion of those with the ability of chaos was put down, they were piled up by capital to become the saviors of the people, and they acted in the name of earning more benefits.
Among the many business giants, the most high-profile is the "Explosion Heavy Industries" with western style as a selling point. Among their members are the metal torrent who is a member of the "Council of Five" and the hero "Knight Thug" with distinctive personal characteristics. "Detonation Heavy Industry" mainly produces military products and gas engine oil. Relying on the powerful ability of two orderly capable persons and the operation style of the tough guy route, "Detonation Heavy Industry" strangled the economic lifeline of the entire western region in one fell swoop.
And the protagonist in this story-the chaos capable person code-named "Gravedigger", personally experienced the chaos capable person's research, learned the secrets hidden behind the order capable person, and tried to escape from the laboratory of the Academy of Sciences , The first enemy he will face is the powerful Deflagration Heavy Industry...

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