Die or Lose

Last Updated: 2022-11-28

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An addictive free game that you need to die to win the game?? WHAT? 😳 🤯YES! Die or Lose? You pick 😎😎😎

Win all the levels by stacking or building up your dead body to pass the obstacles.

The little Flappy Birdy is lost and it's trying to survive to get back to his island. Each level is a different road that needs you to build up a long chain of bodies or stack up as high as possible! 🤔
Die or Lose? You decide! Let's help little Flappy Birdy go home safe.

Die or Lose is a fun, relaxing and addictive game. You can unlock more levels with more different cute characters! Find your favorite, flap you wings and dealing with all the obstacles. 🥳🥳🥳

Die to Lose is simple but challenging enough that you can't take your eyes off! How can you die to win instead of losing? 😱😱😱 What is your strategy? Come and find out with Flappy Birdy - Die to Lose

Die to Lose Features:
💥Stack bodies to cross obstacles.
💥Build up a chain of bodies.
💥Flap your wings by tapping on the screen.

Limited Live:
💥 Unlock exclusive characters.
💥 Mini games and special challenges.

Die to Lose is a casual game that helps you relax but also addictive that requires you to come up with a small strategy to take Flappy Birdy home. Download now! 💓
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How to Download and Install Die or Lose on PC

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