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Last Updated: 2022-09-29
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Good game. Feel like it could use some tweaking here and there but ultimately pretty fun. Needs to add ways to look at reviews to take some guess work out of game dev. I do think the ad pass should remove more ads then it does if not all ads together, but atleast it's cheap. Only reason I rated 4 stars is because while all the in app purchases are not necessary, I do feel there is a lot of them pushed at you and the ad pass only removes like a third of the ads.


The game itself is amazing. Definitely something to pass the time with minimal effort. The ADS are aweful. I can't even switch from the screen I'm looking at without getting an AD. Ontop of that the ADS play at Max volume. I get it. You need to make money to improve the game but don't use so many forced ADS. The optional ADS are not bad. It's the forced ads that are irritating and make me not want to play anymore.


Fairly nice game. I did end up taking off ads and occasionally disabling the hacking minigame, but the latter is actually useful for getting rid of a lot of the bugs when you succeed. Saves time. I do fear that I've gotten near the end of the game already, seeing as there's not much more for me to unlock. Still, it's a nice time-waster, in a good way. We appreciate our "friendly hackers". Edit: Now a bit confused by some of the changes made. Can you no longer turn off the hacking minigame?

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