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Last Updated: 2022-11-25
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It is an advanced ester game that simulates the rhythm of the old
In the ancient era with quality and support for 9 languages
They are English, French, Arabic, German and other languages
It is a simple online game that you can play
With friends and adventures of the game that supports it for the weak device
The strong and the way you can develop your castle and lead to the top of the castle
You can create a new castle
The most amazing adventure in your life is waiting for you, download the game now and don't forget
Give your opinion on the game Occupy the castle
And you won your merit in front of your enemies and issued
The best classifications in the game and war
The armies are victorious, there are more than 1000
From the people waiting for you the game and excel in the game
I do not need high capabilities, it can operate all devices
You don't need money to develop a soul, you can develop a soul with your intelligence
Our problem is only a plan, a plan
Educational mode and grow your castle Choose more than 6 languages ​​to play
You can occupy the surrounding land and expand the empire
Ad acetyl to go out enemies
Strengthening your legion and your empire
Only here in the game
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Is it possible to play ROME-روما on PC without Android emulator?

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Recommended PC Configurations for Playing ROME-روما on PC

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How to Download and Install ROME-روما on PC

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