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Last Updated: 2022-09-30
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Over 10 million downloads worldwide, and Japan continues to lead the free list
Japan's Famitsu Best RPG Mobile Game in the First Half of 2022
The card king of the Three Kingdoms in Asia, the fantasy of the Three Kingdoms, is rekindled by you!

【Game Introduction】
Become a city lord in the oriental fantasy world and gather heroes in troubled times! Break the rank rolling and help him advance to UR to become the strongest! One-click inheritance of level equipment, new generals can play when they are drawn! Use a hundred kinds of fetters to control a hundred generals and defeat the enemy! Come on, let's start a magnificent adventure together!

【Game Features】
>>>Jointly created by the industry's big coffee, the fantasy masterpiece is popular in Asia and has been downloaded over 10 million worldwide! The Japanese free chart continues to lead!
The "Final Fantasy" series art director Naoya Yusuke and "Demon Slayer" music producer Shiina Hao worked together to create an oriental fantasy world! Toruya Shibata, the father of "Monster Hunter" music, and Yoshino Aoki, the music producer of "Final Fantasy", join the music creation! Nearly 100 seiyuu including Hanazawa Coriander, Noto Mamiko, Ito Shizuo, Ishida Akira, Sakurai Takahiro, Shimazaki Nobunaga and Sugita Tomokato perform!
"The fusion of oriental gorgeous world view and fantasy visual style, the revolutionary development system design is eye-catching! 』——Famitsu, 4Gamer, Oricon News, GameWith and other media praised it!

>>>The highest indicator of the Three Kingdoms screen, you can choose from a variety of beautiful styles
Eight-packed abs and armored men, black-bellied glasses and pure desire celebrities, double ponytail blond arrogant killers, white-skinned assassins... Fusion of fantasy and history, high-value Three Kingdoms Hundreds of Generals are waiting for you to gather!

>>>The original equal upgrade system, all R can be successful
Breaking the shackles of traditional card brands, all generals can awaken to UR! Every general has an irreplaceable role, and the general you like can become the strongest!

>>>One-click inheritance of general values, no need to retrain level equipment
One-click transfer of level equipment, no need to eat cards, and 100% inheritance of resources at zero cost! Favorite generals go into battle immediately without waiting, and enjoy the immersive adventure!

>>>Break the traditional camp myth, mix and match to break through the upper limit of combat power
Breaking through the myth of faction restrictions, friends of monarchs, ministers, and enemies of life and death can all go into battle together! The generals join forces to unleash the potential of hundreds of fetters, and use strategies to break through layers of conspiracy and tricks!

>>>Hot springs, feasts and home interactions, together with a group of heroes
The generals on the battlefield are your sharp blades and backing, and the battlefield is your beacon and harbor! Banquet quiz, date in soup, unlock exclusive plot CG, increase your favorability and increase your combat power!

>>> 2 billion phantom stars are giving away wildly, make an appointment to get the god Guan Yu first, log in and then get SSR Lu Lingqi
Immediately make an appointment to receive SSR God Guan Yu, and share 2 billion magic stars for a limited time! Log in to the event and receive SSR Lu Lingqi, and get a free UR upgrade on the 7th!
There are ten consecutive draws every day, and there are surprises everywhere in the full service package and the legion red envelope! A monthly reward worth 100,000 magic stars is waiting for you!

【Get the latest information】
Search "Three Kingdoms Fantasy Continent" on Facebook and participate in the event to win more prizes!


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