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Last Updated: 2022-09-20
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Dream of a New World is the new RPG experience to the gaming world, and it will be a whole journey that takes you through worlds as well as the enemies, and through these all, you just have to restore the new world. There was a powerful element called Ether found 100 years ago, and it already fell into the hands of the Apocyte. He is already crazy about power, and this creates chaos on the continent with fights, and it is time to create a new story.

Team Up and Fight
In Dream of a New World, you are required to play with all your friends and fight against Esther, the enemy in the world. The fights will be handled through the ancient prophets, and you will have to master the four elements called fire, earth, wind, and water, and that will make your special magic to defeat your opponents. 
The teams can be made up of friends, and then you are also allowed to travel through many historical locations. The best team formation is the key to defeating the powerful enemy, and there will be many fairy tale characters to meet throughout your journey. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9 will be the key to making this journey successful with the best power and optimizations.

Defeat Ether and Save Your Continent
Your ultimate goal should be to defeat this enemy Ether and then lead towards saving the continent. You don’t have to let it ruin you anymore, and it is your duty to do whatever you can to gain back its glory before Ether makes it completely disappear from the continent.

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