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Last Updated: 2022-10-31
Download LINE:キューブサーファー on PC

Run LINE:キューブサーファー on PC with LDPlayer

Combine different professions, skills and cubes onto the stage!
Unique monsters and traps to stop you are waiting for you! !

Plus, battle it out with users from all over the world in ranking events!
Complete specific missions and earn amazing rewards!

Take it alone or challenge yourself to other players.
Venture to the heart of a cube RPG world! !

▼ Simple action and easy action
Intuitive swipe controls to move the character.
Easily avoid obstacles or collect falling cubes with just one finger!

▼A lot of event, reward
Besides regular games, there are ranking events, personal missions, and many more.
Play events with your brawling characters and get generous rewards! !
Compete for a score against other players in the rankings?
Complete personal missions and challenge yourself to the limit?
You will find a way to play that suits your playstyle!

▼ Variety of monsters and unique dungeon bosses
Various monsters along with dungeons like forest, volcano, sky, and many others will hinder your adventure.
Dodge an army of monsters as you progress and aim for the goal! !
There is also a huge boss at the end of the dungeon.
Each Boss has a unique attack to hunt down the player.
Pick up cubes to fight back while dodging them!

▼ A pop fantasy world rendered in cubes
There are so many character variations: warrior, wizard, magician, ranger, and so on.
Each character will have a unique skill to remember, so use them well in your adventure.
Now get on your cube and run through the fantasy world!

■ Recommended for:
・Like "CubeSurfer"
・Like run games and action games
・Want to play easily and easily
・Like to collect skins
・Are looking for achievements in training
・Are looking for a hyper-casual game
I am looking for a game with easy controls
・Are looking for a refreshing game
・Are looking for a game with nostalgic feel
-People who want to relieve stress
-RPG lovers
・Voxel lovers
-People who want to see various monsters

【Recommended Environments】
Android 6 or higher
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What is LINE:キューブサーファー PC version?

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Is it legal and safe to use LDPlayer?

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Is it possible to play LINE:キューブサーファー on PC without Android emulator?

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Recommended PC Configurations for Playing LINE:キューブサーファー on PC

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How to Download and Install LINE:キューブサーファー on PC

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