Castle Clash: Правитель мира

Last Updated: 2021-07-05 Current Version: 1.9.1
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The greatest game of the past... Now its just about heroes which you buy/find and after a few months they become useless. The best way for you was to add new content, social interactions, upgraded interface and known bug fixes, but you don't care about this. You care only about prices for new heroes in the in-game market! Very sad story, I'm so disappointed in you - Marketers.


Nice gameplay. Played it for 3 years now. But boy these updates keep breaking the game, old heroes which used to kick ass are just useless, so I just consumed them to make place for the new ones. For newcomers this game must be awesome, much to do and explore, for seniors the game is just broken. Sadly. Was fun. Kepp it up IGG. People will continue spending thousands of dollars for a hero which is worth nothing 3 updates later 👍


Most unique game ever, strategy, luck, teamwork, rng, grinding etc. I played this game for like 6years now but theres just 3 things wich made me give it 4 not 5 stars wich is: 1. The gap between pay 2 win and f2p is to big 2. When ur 28k might and u build the blitz gauntlet thing (a sort of season pass) u get to fight people that are 28-2000k might, theres no fairplay here 3. add better rewards for some game modes i mean... 300k fame for f2p is like 1year, 5 dollar is 250k fame, Hope this helped

★★★ Celebrating 9 years together, no matter what. ★★★

A new era is dawning in Castle Clash! Lords from all corners and regions gather in Narsia to fight for the highest glory! The war drums are getting louder. Only the strongest will survive. Who will be the final winner?

Test your strength against players from all over the world in a never-before-seen global arena. Fight against the strongest players for the crown of the Ruler of the world, or try to predict the outcome of the battle. The choice is yours!

Castle Clash is a game of epic proportions filled with exciting combat and fast-paced strategy! Hire powerful Heroes and call on the strongest spells during your campaigns of conquest. Build a magnificent empire and go down in history as the greatest commander!

Game Features:
✔ Use the non-linear base development system to improve it the way you want!
✔ Give your Heroes a powerful new look with enhanced Hero Skins!
✔ Enjoy smooth operation and stunning visual effects.
✔ Recruit Heroes with incredible abilities to fight by your side.
✔ Go head to head against another player in the Arena and become the best of the best.
★ Unlock Equipment for your Heroes and use it in battle.
★ Customize your Heroes and buildings with a huge variety of Skins.
★ Win and earn glory in Torch Battle, Fort Attack, Guild Battle and Narcia: Age of War.
★ Team up with friends and go for victory in joint dungeons.
★ Join forces to defeat threats to the entire server, including the powerful Archdemon.
★ Turn adorable Pets into powerful battle companions.
★ Fight in the Master Dungeon and get epic Heroes.
★ Who will conquer the global server? Fight your way to the heights of power in the new PvP mode, Ruler of the World!
Note: An internet connection is required to play.

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