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In the wasteland world, giant beasts are raging, how can human beings survive?
The once prosperous human world was wiped out due to the appearance of alloy behemoths. Wherever the behemoths went, human beings were displaced.
Survive, flee and kill in this world for hundreds of years, until you, a commander like no other, appeared.
You will lead the survivors to hunt giant beasts, transform giant beasts, train troops, form alliances, and save the last homeland of mankind.

【Free to explore the world】
The super-large wasteland world allows you to explore freely and search for the remains of human beings.
Rare behemoth sightings? Mysterious figure asking for help? Rare resource points? There are many surprises waiting for you on the adventure road.

【Building a Wasteland Home】
In the wasteland world, the shelter will be the only place that can bring you a sense of warmth and security.
You can freely arrange your shelter, the roof is made of giant skeletons, and all the souvenirs you have collected are placed on it, as you like.

【Create an exclusive monster】
The giant mechanical beasts are raging everywhere, killing humans and being extremely cruel.
You can make dozens of hunting weapons with your own hands, hunt, capture, domesticate and transform them to become your powerful combat force!
Bombarding Mammoth, Heavy Hammer Ankylosaurus, Furious Tyrant, Blood Claw Velociraptor, Burning Pterosaur... Create your own giant beast army.

【Training Elite Troops】
warn! Be sure to bring enough people when you go out to find supplies, the giant beasts will attack at any time!
You can freely form expedition troops and create the most handy lineup.

【Form a strong alliance】
Under the doomsday, don't fight alone!
Form an alliance with friends or join a strong alliance, share resources, quickly upgrade, expand the sphere of influence, and lead the survivors to rebuild their homes and find hope.

*The game software classification management method is classified as: supplementary 15 levels.
*This game involves bloody or scary scenes such as attacks and killings, which does not give people the impression of cruelty.
*Pay attention to the use of time and avoid indulging in the game.
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