수확의 정석

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Last Updated: 2022-11-30

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Harvest is a single-player deck-building strategy game set in a medieval farm. Build your own various decks, collect food, and experience countless events!

Start your farm with 10 cards. Build your own deck, collect resources and create efficient and colorful farms! Strategic judgment and deck building skills are required to meet the weekly food requirements. Clear scenario mode, uncover hidden interactions, complete achievements and quests, compete for rankings with friends, share creative decks, and discover new and unique cards in card packs.

Charm point!
Strategically manage various resources such as stones, wood, grain, gold coins, food and more.
Enjoy cute illustrations and cute events.
Legendary card game pro gamer Rainiawh and legendary TCG creator Lee Yu-won (who is that?) met.
Check out the cards with unique effects and themes.
There are no hidden secret interactions in this game. really.
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What is 수확의 정석 PC version?

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