Choo Spider : Survival Train

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Last Updated: 2023-02-08

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Choo Spider : Survival Train is a first-person shooter game. On the spider train, you are in a village that is being attacked by spiders. Your mission is to try to survive in this dangerous village by train - the only means of transportation. You will go by train to the station to collect weapons and necessary items, but the noise from the train attracts the attention of spider monsters. You can choose from the arsenal in the station and shoot all the spider monsters, collect monster eggs to lure the final spider boss. Be careful with monster spiders, they can change into any shape after eating.

With the horror spider theme, you can feel the sensation of being chased by ferocious monsters. Run and kill all the spiders from the village. You have to live in the station, reload items and complete your missions. You can get skills, which will help you to achieve victory, you can also buy/improve other weapons. After completing each game, you get experience and money. If you can't survive the game, you will return to the station and prepare once again to eliminate all the spiders at most. Be the best hunter in Choo Spider : Survival Train. Dive into a new horror game play experience.

- Thrilling ASMR sound effects
- Stunning authentic 3D graphics
- Hours of fun gameplay with this great shooter simulator
- Various weapons with upgrade system and supported skills
- Free and offline game, so you can play whenever and wherever you are

HOW TO PLAY Choo Spider : Survival Train
- Shoot the monster spiders with the gun attached to the back of the train
- When stopping at a train station, equip weapons and skills to defeat all the spiders
- Collect spider eggs and lure the final spider boss
- Fight and claim your victory in this game of darkness now

DOWNLOAD Choo Spider : Survival Train NOW to experience the excitement of survival games. Shoot and survive in the dark village which is attacked by spiders.
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