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Last Updated: 2023-03-23

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Hello, this is a great game that I have found alot of enjoyment playing, but it has just been redone, so I just wanted to let you guys know that there is an issue with the targeting mechanics for catapults/trechebuts where they will target the space before the ruler segment of an enemy castle after every other part of their castle has been destroyed, its making getting wins really hard and I would appreciate it if this issue was looked into. Thanks


slow start, but it can ramp up pretty quickly! I have been watching the optional ads to get more bread to keep playing... it's a small price to pay. there are ads that AREN'T optional every 5 rounds or something, and I HATE that. i get it, gotta make that money, it's really the only reason I'm dropping to 4 stars. More acievements or daily/weekly tasks for gold, gems, or chest points would be appreciated. fun game and i look forward to more. thanks devs.


It's a good game I put a lot of time and money into it.BUT WHAT really pisses me off is I upgrade phones and I can't transfer my game data to my new phone,wow what a game changer they have just lost a customer

Castle War : Idle Island is a Castle vs Castle battler in PvP.
Build towers, craft cannons, engage mages & mercenaries.

Rule your island, assign missions to your village. Build your Castle to fit your strategy, using the various offensive & defensive capabilities at your disposal.

Send your troops: Archers, swordmen and pikemen will lead the way to the gate of opponent’s Castle.

Use Siege weapons: Ballista, trebuchet, catapult and cannon to destroy other’s Castle towers and weapon, and protect from their troops & projectiles.

Cast powerful magic: Call a meteor strike, invoke a powerful blackhole and protect your towers with powerful arcane shields.

Build a magnificent Castle: Use wood, stone and metal rooms, to build solid ramparts and impressive towers

Mix all of those elements to build your very own Castle, from a magic tower casting huge spells, a soldier swarm on the walls of your opponent, or a rolling thunder of spikes and stones crushing its ramparts.

Use the weapons workshop to transform your standard weaponry into a state of the art piece of engineering : increase rate of fire, projectile damage, projectile speed, or weapon durability.

Prove who is the better among your friends with the challenge mode, where you can battle with them and show who have the better Castle !
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