Call Of Magic: Kill & Capture

Last Updated: 2021-03-20 Current Version: 1.250.212
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The game is wonderfully simple, the design is well done, the problem is the designers have abandoned the game, thousands of us on 16 servers have had been left to fend for ourselves. No events, no challenges, nothing new. All of us still playing are waiting for them to return, bring life back to this wonderful game. Until then, we just make troops, gear, farm, and walk around aimlessly with nothing to do.


This game started of being pretty good and interesting. After 2 terrible updates it is sliding into oblivion. Everything I painstakingly built and planned for were wiped out and we were left with an almost impossible mission of trying to regain about a tenth of our previous power. The game is at a standstill and many many have left. Hope they do something soon or it will die.


Initially it is free bt than it dry up so without purchases, nothing to do- NOTHING! Control is bad in battles. After a while it is boring, nothing new. The battles are FIXED, if u are not to win then even if the enemy hp are down it'll automatically increase or a dragon will appear n kill ur characters. So it is not worth all the time spent and all the upgrades, all these games are same because after so much time on it, they create something to make us leave the game- SAME STORY!

The battle for conquering the magic castle has lasted for months. Both humans and orcs keep rallying more and more allies. Elves, dwarfs, the undead, the void and dragons... Each race is craving for snatching a piece of pie in the battle.

No one knows how long it will take before the enduring battle finally comes to an end. Do you want to conquer and lead all races? Or merely be a stepping stone?

## Key Features ##

【Flexible Marching & Combats】
You can adjust the marching routes and states of your troops anytime you like. You can also change tactics accordingly whenever necessary. Intercept, raid, lure enemies in and take them all... How to play the game is all up to you.

【Free Expansion & Immigration】
Arrange and update all buildings freely to strengthen the defense of your castle. You can also immigrate to any other states outside the castle. You may choose a better location or even a better server!

【Multiple Heroes & Combinations】
Humans, orcs, elves, dwarfs, the undead and dragons. Over 100 heroes with various talents will be at your service. The power of different unit types is perfectly checked. Mix and match different heroes and units to work out an invincible combination.

【Sleep or Play? I’ll have BOTH!】
Too many buildings, soldiers and skills to be upgraded? No need to worry. Take a break and leave them all to the system. You’ll keep getting stronger while you are sleeping.

【Bountiful Rewards & Benefits】
Large amount of gifts and benefits will be distributed all day long. From the minute you log in, till the time you go to sleep, you’ll be busy with claiming rewards. Either logging in, winning battles, leveling up, helping allies, saving friends or smashing enemies... Every little achievement is worth celebrating!
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