Boba Recipe: DIY Bubble Tea

Last Updated: 2022-10-22

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This game is awesome 👌 I like it very much 😀 but I have one problem all the ingredients are not free. Well some of them are but not all of them. You have to watch an ad if you want to put in the other ones you have to watch an ad.And normal ads as well in just a few seconds Can we please 🙏 have all of them free? if you do it so I would be sooo super dupure happy and give it a 5 star 🌟. Note to owners: You guys are doing a great job. 👍 Keep it up! and I love ❤️ you.


It get a three because all of the useless adds that popup whenever you put anything in the boba tea. And also it doesn't let you skip the add even when there's a skip button, and on many adds I find it impossible to exit out of it because It just sends you to the play store *SUPER ANNOYING*. But it's a fun game and if you don't mind games with tones of adds then get this one.


It has way to many ads no, no, no but I liked it not that much so I deleted it 🥺😊 I was kinda sad but I didn't want to watch that many ads sorry you need to fix that problem pls and I'll probably give it a 5 star review and download it again fix it pls 😊🙏 and sorry guys if I'm overreacting but I just want it fix otherwise people won't install it they'll probably delete if they get to annoyed with all the ads that are going on here and there but other than that I like it. Good job though.😊

You are a fan of bubble tea, boba tea, milkshake, or any kind of drink? You want to drink them every time but can't carry them?
Have you ever wanted to be an owner of a bubble tea shop and made any boba tea you want?
If you say Yes, this DIY boba tale game is for you. Boba Recipe: DIY Bubble Tea promises to bring great experiences for you.

Boba Recipe: DIY Bubble Tea is a kind of simulation drinking game. You can make and mix your recipe for your bubble tea. You can also hear the sound of water flowing and bubbling while drinking in Boba Recipe: DIY Bubble Tea.

Let's make beautiful bubble tea with colorful and interesting toppings like cherry, boba... Make the perfect tasty, juice tea for kids, family, and your friends.

Let’s enjoy the unique and wonderful features of Boba Recipe: DIY Bubble Tea.
- Mix colorful candies, and jellies with ices, and milk to make sweet bubble tea.
- You can dump the glass if you got the wrong flavors in it.
- Have a good day with this game.

Enjoy your bubble tea today with Boba Recipe: DIY Bubble Tea.
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