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Lock and load gamers. Welcome to Season 0, Episode 1: Prologue. Choose a unique hero and fight against 60 person Battle Royale. Each hero has its own advantage and disadvantage so, it's up to you to utilize them properly.

Season 0 is going to be an introduction to our basic game mechanics and game modes. Expect special events which will introduce epic guns, emotes, and heroes. Play role-playing mode to havoc other players. Take part in the story quest and impact the overall storyline. Be careful, your choice matters.

Story: Season 0 Episode 1 titled "Prologue" takes place in 2030 and our heroes start to revolt against a secret organization named "Council'. Various Alien devices are starting to appear and everybody is deducing that "council' has something to do with it. It's up to you to figure out what's happening...

The story will gradually be unveiled as the season and episodes progress and you will have a grasp of the Annihilation Universe...

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