African Xpress

Last Updated: 2023-04-01

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An exciting racing adventure with RPG elements that takes you to the wonderful African land.

It all started when you got the rights! And then, your uncle mysteriously disappears. Now you will have to work very hard and meet all of his friends who will help shed light on his secret and adventurous life. After all, as a child, you heard so many exciting stories from him that were most likely fairy tales?..
An old, broken rattletrap will take you to the wildest corners of the continent. Dexterously driving on the roads, you will carry passengers and cargo, you will drive through deserts, cities and jungles, meet wild animals and complete quests. Secret races in the desert - there you can test your driving skills and compete with other players.
Colorful graphics and exciting gameplay will impress any player.

🌍 Features: 🐘🦒🌵🐆

✅ An exciting story and a full-fledged quest. Mysterious disappearance, mysteries and adventures! 👀

✅ Unique gameplay. You are not just transporting passengers and cargo, you have to take them safe and sound to their destination. Not every driver can handle it! But a tip worthy! 🚌

✅ Many options to improve and customize your car. Body, wheels, engine. All this affects the capacity and power of your beast! 🛠

✅ Meet different characters, that will help you earn extra money. And if they like you, they will gladly share gossip and interesting information. 🌅

✅ Do not stare at the colorful landscapes, otherwise you will miss a stone on the road! And if someone left a loaded car there, you will completely lose your passengers! 🐪

✅ Beware of wild birds and animals, they are very aggressive. 🦏

✅ Complete tasks and quests and get amazing prizes and rewards. Among them you can find very interesting things! 🎁
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