Part Time UFO

A UFO is here to work on Earth! Use your claw to move and stack objects.
HAL Laboratory, Inc.
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Version 1.2.6
Updated on 2022-06-20
Rating 4.9
Category Action
Package name jp.halegg.nazcaf
Downloads 100+
Part Time UFO Description
GameSpot “The 5 Best Mobile Games Of 2018”
IGN US “10 Best Mobile Games of 2018”

○Part time worker, full time UFO!
In Part Time UFO, fly a UFO around and complete odd jobs.
Help out at a farm, support cheerleaders, cook up the ultimate dessert at a restaurant, build castles, and much more!
Wherever the UFO goes, there are sure to be plenty of jobs waiting.
At the center of all this is the UFO's super special awesome claw!
Use the claw crane to grab, move, and stack objects to complete jobs.

○Change your look with classy outfits!
Use your hard-earned money to buy costumes to change into.
Wearing these can give the UFO a whole new look and new abilities.
Whether you want to show your stripes with the Tiger Suit or zip around in Ninja Wear, there are lots of costumes to pick and choose from.

○Lots of friends (and foes?)!
Meet tons of people on the job.
From a tight-lipped ship captain, a clumsy museum curator, or a fishy professor, to even elephants, dogs, and hamsters, they'll cheer on the UFO during jobs, let out a sigh when the UFO fails, and show all kinds of reactions.
Some of them may also be disguised and hiding in wait...

○Work those tunes!
Part Time UFO features tons of catchy beats.
They're scientifically proven to make you more productive.
*Not scientifically proven

○Share your masterpiece!
Job? What job? Sometimes a UFO's just gotta stack to its unidentified flying heart's content.
Create fun or artistic shapes and snap some shots!
Show off the fruits of your labor with all your friends.

○"Works" with Google Play.
Try your claw at lots of different achievements!
Become the part-timeliest part-timer of them all!

◆No in-app purchases
This app contains no in-app purchases.

◆Available languages
The following languages are available:
Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), English, Korean.

◆Compatible OS
Android 4.4 or newer

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▽Official Twitter Account

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Comments about Part Time UFO Android Version
I'm so happy this game was ported to the switch! Its incredibly charming and fun. Playing through the game normally isn't super difficult, but going for all the medals is challenging. This version of the game is outdated compared to the switch version due to that one having more content, but I'm happy that I played the mobile version back in 2019. I highly suggest buying it on switch version over this version, it has much more content over this one. That being said, this game is still really fun
This is essentially the concept of a crane game turned into a physics puzzle, and it works so well. Of course, this was made by HAL so it's full of charm too. You play through a variety of scenarios to help the people of earth with their everyday lives, which is normally pretty easy; if you want a real challenge, you'll want to try going for all the medals and achievements. While the Nintendo Switch port does have exclusive content, this mobile version remains really solid in its own right.
I always love HAL games, they always look nice, play nice, and have a fun soundtrack to go with it. Thought it would be a bit wonky playing on mobile instead of Nintendo Switch, but it works pretty good. Kind of odd that the resolution is locked, but I've had some horrible experinces with bad scaling, so I feel this is more safe for a variety of devices. Edit: Found out why the game is double the price on Switch. The console version is basically the extended edition, more levels, modes, etc.

Is Part Time UFO safe for my device?

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What is an XAPK file, and what should I do if the Part Time UFO I downloaded is an XAPK file?

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Can I play Part Time UFO on my computer?

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