Tower of Fantasy Level Caps - List of Time Gates and More


Tower of Fantasy is the hottest MMORPG game right now with a tremendous leveling-up system for the players. Also, the developers of this game have restricted the players from reaching the maximum level in a day using a fantastic trick called time gates. Therefore, the players must learn what this time gate system and the Tower of Fantasy level caps are. Otherwise, they will be unable to plan their gaming sessions to have the best gaming experience in this game. 




Many players are confused about why the Tower of Fantasy developers used this tactic and what these Tower of Fantasy level caps and time gates are with their specifications. Since the game is rich in many quality works to do here for the players, it is better to learn more about these Tower of Fantasy level caps to use the best out of the game. So this is the time to learn more about the Tower of Fantasy level caps and the list of time gates to improve the gameplay according to them. 


What is the Tower of Fantasy Level Caps?

The Tower of Fantasy game is rich in so many new concepts, and the best part is there is a time-gate system with level caps. The time gate is a system that does not let the players clear all the levels at once, which is a trick to make the players log into the game daily to finish available stages and quests for a particular day. 


These time gates have provided the level caps for each day, and the players are not allowed to progress further in the game after they have already achieved the relevant level cap. When the players reach a sure level cap, the players have to clear the next level cap to achieve the maximum level cap given in the game, and the more the players progress through the game, the more the players have to spend time to complete a specific level cap.


Tower of Fantasy Level Caps and Experience Points

The best way to level up faster in the Tower of Fantasy is by gathering all the necessary experience points (EXP) to move from one level to another. There are many ways the players can claim experience points here in Tower of Fantasy. So what is the connection between the Tower of Fantasy level caps and experience points? Let us see.


The number of levels the players can achieve depends on the days they come into the game and the number of experience points they will gather in a day. There are different level caps for the players to surpass in a day by accumulating a certain amount of necessary experience points. 


But the disadvantage here is that if the players hit the relevant level cap for that day, it is useless to gather more experience points. Because even if you gather as much as exp right after hitting the level cap, these experience points will not pile up to use the next day and will become a waste.


Therefore let us see how many levels the players have to complete through a certain number of days by gathering these experience points, which are vital to reaching level caps.


Number of days to log in

Level cap to achieve in certain days


18th level


24th level


27th level


30th level


33rd level


36th level


38th level


40th level


42nd level



44th level



Since the game has 70 of the maximum level cap to achieve for the players, only the 44th level cap is still available for the players in this game. And as we said earlier, the extra experience points the players will gather will not be piled up to use the next day. Therefore, after reaching the level cap available for a particular day, do not try to save exp; take a rest from the game until the players come the next day. 


Other Tower of Fantasy Progression Caps

The players know better how many levels they can reach on a certain number of days because of the Tower of Fantasy level caps given for specific days. Therefore the players also must know that there are other progress or completion caps by the time gate system for each activity in the game to restrict the players from clearing a large portion of the game content at once. So let us see the other caps, like Tower of Fantasy level caps introduced by the game.


  • Progress or clearing caps for the main story/quest  - it means the players have to wait for a certain number of days to unlock different chapters of the main story or quest they have to take part in. For example, the players can only finish chapter one on the first day of logging. But some other extra side quests have no restrictions like these, and even so, the players won’t collect different experience points if they have already reached the level cap of the relevant day. 


  • Progress or clearing caps for the map - the players will not be able to achieve many areas given in the map until the players are logging into the game for a certain number of days continually or clear quests and stages to a certain extent. 


  • Progress or clearing cap for dailies - even though there are many curricular activities to be done in this game by the players, they cannot try every activity in a day because of the progression caps for the daily activities. 


To know how you can progress more from the game, refer to our Tower of Fantasy level up guide from here. 


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The players have learned that the experience points (EXP) are crucial to level up faster in the game to achieve the Tower of Fantasy level caps given for specific days. The best way to earn experience points is by completing story modes, quests, dailies, and dungeon explorations. 


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Since now the players have brief explanations about all these Tower of Fantasy level caps that they can achieve through a day, it is better to work according to these level caps. By doing so, the players will be able to have meaningful gameplay without wasting any of the experience points players will receive.  

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