Touhou LostWord Phantom-Human Maid for a Day Event is out now

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Hey missing word searchers, it is Touhou LostWord again. Gensokyo has been fallen into the trap of these missing words, and immediately it has to be solved. Reimu, Marisa and the project members are trying so hard to solve the mystery, and still, it didn’t have solved. Since this game has been globally released, the Shanghai team is trying to solve the mystery behind these missing words. 


TouhouLostWord Phantom-Human Maid for a Day Event is out now


So this Touhou LostWord is getting a new event called Phantom-Human Maid for a day to have several maids to the game and who are actually and what tasks are waiting for them to do in the Scarlet Devil Mansion? How can they finish their maid duties in the game? Well, the game adventures have started and download Touhou LostWord on PC. After that, let’s start our guide from here.


What is this Event?


Phantom: Human Maid for a Day is the first event of Touhou LostWord, and there will be featuring new maids in here to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. They will include the YoumuKonpaku, and there are several duties to perform by them all.


We don’t know what these tasks are and will they ever pass the duties that Remilia Scarlet gave to them. You need to find out whether Youmu and her girls are enabled to pass these tasks and find whether they suffer from a hazardous maid day or not.


If you can finish the event, Remilia will pay you all with a well-balanced and make use of this guide to find the earn payments that you and your friends will earn through the event. This event will be continued to the players until its 01.59 UTC of 18th June, and we will stand a chance to win rewards from the Remilia. 


Farming Event Points


In all of the events of the Touhou LostWord, they are going to pay you with rewards and event points by completing those stages. Event points can be used to get more coins, tiles, scrolls and friend rituals as well.


Getting Event Points


The easiest way to earn event points is to complete the stages. Each of the stages is included with some points as a reward, and when you are enabled to complete a specific stage for the first time in the day, you will get 3 x amounts of points. It is signified through the UI element in stage selections. 


There are also daily, and one-time missions available here, and those are not too hard to pass. It performs with clearing stages for once or multiple days or as a daily prayer performance. We can say that daily missions act as the best way to earn points, giving you over 100,000 points from it. It will require 545,600 amounts of points to clear the lottery and the event shop completely. 


Total Points of Milestone


When you hit a complete number of event points in an event, you will get your first set of rewards. They will be accessed through the event icons on your home screen. The rewards you get from this are free, and you should pay only attention to earning total points. Players are free to spend their event points as they want, and it will not affect the progress of your upcoming milestone. 


These points will be scaled to 999,999, but you will only need 250,000 from it to get Friend Rituals and Paper Doll. After you reach this point, rewards will take some time to earn, and you need to grind them only if you feel good after those points. To clear an event points. Lottery and shop fully; you need to have 545,600 points. 


Exchanging Points


There are two ways on spending your event points. The first one is the shop, and you can access it from the home screen icon or Sanae’s shop. The event will have so many rewards, and when the second half is added to the event, more rewards would be added to the game. This place is your priority on spending event points, and if you never want to take every reward, you just need to clear the shop. 


When a player doesn’t seem intent on clearing out the hop completely, they need to prioritize them.


  • Friend Ritual – these are giving you some random unit from the pool of predetermined. This would be an excellent chance for players to earn more units or the uncaps when they already have them.


  • Paper Doll – this item will not be adding on to the shop until its second half from the event, and these are the main priorities. You need to save 20,000 points for this to take once it is added. 


  • Spirit P – this will be different according to the additional spirit P based on a layer’s situation. If a player is outpacing their supply of Spirit P, they have to buy them because they will be needed in the game. If you are a player who is continuously dragged down from Spirit P, this would be not much important.


  • Gold Skill Books – these are somewhat difficult than usual, and you need to pick them for an upgrade on units as well. These rewards are cheap compared to others.


  • Coins – players will need a lot of coins in the game, and this event will provide you with a bunch of them.


  • Story Card Ritual – there is a probability of taking a good story card from this and bringing the worst. The cost would be at least five tokens.


  • Event Story Cards – any story cards are not good in the event offered, and they can be acquired only in the event. They will be helpful in the future of your game, and otherwise, they are nice free tokens. You are allowed to MLB on single copies for the complete, and the lore will show up with the journey forever.


  • Silver Skill Books – these are very cheap and have a high demand for the game. They are not uncommon things and will wait for you.


  • Bronze Skill Books – these are cheap options and will be the last place to consider on.


Event Points Lottery


This would be the other place that a player should spend their event points, and if you are running out of places to spend your event points, this would be the place. Spend 50 event points to take a draw from the Lottery Box, and it will be filled with 375 predetermined items in one box. Items are always mixed with the Spirit P, coins, scrolls and by tile. When a player has finished obtaining every special prize from a Lottery Box, they can reset it and move to the next one.


Try to clear the boxes entirely if you can. There will be eight boxes per event. The chances are for taking 150,000 points by them all.


Rare Point Exchange


This is the final form of the rewards you get from events, and they are rare. You can take these up from bonus drops randomly, and with the event points, access to the rare points can be done by the icon on your home screen or by touching the Sanae’s shop. There are no other relationships with rare points, and they are independent of spending on several things.


If you are a player who doesn’t want to clear out full-on rare points, you need to prioritize these things on your points.


  • Music CDs – the only chance to take CDs is the rare points. CDs are different from one event to another, and they come only through the events. If a player missed a CD, he would never get a chance to earn one for a time. Two of the CDs coming under this will show up in the second half of your event, and you need to save 24 of the rare points for taking CDs.


  • Skill Book X – these types of skill books give you a lot of points for training and will take twelve hours in total. These are the ideal solutions for overnight skill training, and you are not allowed to use these as a factor in unit promotion. They will be only showed up for a player on skill training.


  • Gold Tiles / Scrolls – it is good to have these, but don’t try to prioritize these things.


  • Coins – although coins are reasonable, you will only get 50 coins for one rare point. So it is not a good trade, and you need to save them for rare point dumping of yours in the event end. At the second part of the event, gold mats and the additional skill books X will be added to the event.


TouhouLostWord Phantom-Human Maid for a Day Event is out now


Costume Bonuses


During each event of the game, some of the special market costumes are granting you 1.2X of bonus on rare points and 1.1x bonuses to the event points that you earn through the stages.


Players will only need to own costumes to the benefit, and costumes are not for the equip, deploy the units of the costume belonged. If a player owns several costumes, bonuses of them going to be stacked, and they are not affecting the mission rewards. They will only be applicable for the stages.


These are the costumes that are adding bonuses to the event.


  • Chinese Maid of the Day
  • Grand Opening Hostess
  • Lightning Speed Mai
  • Naïve Science Club Student
  • Shivering Maid Samurai


You can clearly understand how to deploy the best characters by their skills by checking Touhou LostWord Reroll Guide.




Touhou LostWord event will be starring for the gamers until its 18th June, and it is your chance to win these all rewards for yours. Take part in the event and make your gameplay rewarding to develop on your characters.

Download Touhou LostWord on PC