Touhou Lost Word Global Release English Gameplay Characters New Updates [April 2021 Update]

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Touhou Lost Word is now have been opened to preregister. This masterpiece of Good Smile Company has a plot of missing words. Every word is missing here, but no one knows the reason. It has already taken over the Gensokyo as an incident. You players have to explore this Gensokyo to solve this incident, and you will get the cast as Marisa, Reimu and ones from the Touhou project to solve this mystery.


Touhou Lost Word Global Release English Gameplay is Now open to Preregister


You need to take place in Gensokyo, and this game is based on the Touhou project's works. It is conducted by a team called Shanghai Alice. You can download Touhou Lost Word on PC after the spring of 2021, and it is confirmed on their official Twitter. Until then, it has now opened for pre-registration, and it has over 170,000 pre-registrations for the game from the globe. 


So if you need to know more about this releasing game, let's start the journey.


Touhou Lost Word Global release


It has been announced on the Touhou Lost Word official Twitter page that this game will be released soon after the spring of 2021. There is more news on Twitter to share the upcoming details of several members from the cast and the music.


We will receive much more with the newest updates from the official site, and there is so much qualified news yet to come. Until then, we have the pre-registrations and wait till it gets some excellent information for the release.


Touhou Lost Word Global Release English Gameplay is Now open to Preregister


Touhou Lost Word Overview And introduction


Touhou Lost Word is an RPG game by NextNinja, and this was a release from the Good Smile Company. There are several characters here from the vast of Touhou, and they have to be collected through a regular gacha mechanic system. You will play this game the same as the other contemporary games.


Here there is an outsider girl, and she is waking up in the forest called Forest of Magic. When she wakes up, she got no memory of her identity, and she doesn't know how she came there. The only item this girl got is a strange diary, and it records every experience she faces and everything she sees automatically. When some time passes, this girl meets another character called Reimu, who takes the safety of her as a responsibility.


This girl will have a conversation with another one called Yukari, and she realizes that she is emerging from a mysterious blue crystal that has named the sealing crystal, and it has a perfect cubic shape. There are many unidentified forces included within it, and it can become an explosive hazard if it doesn't handle carefully.


There are many crystals from this type found around the Gensokyo and Marisa, and the Reimu is set for tracking down those crystals.


Reimu and Marisa are searching for these crystals due to their damage capability. They need to prevent any accidental injuries these crystals cause and finding a method to take back their outsider friend to her own home again.


Touhou Lost Word Global Release English Gameplay is Now open to Preregister


Touhou Lost Word gameplay


At every start of the turns, you are put into a battle menu. Clickable buttons can be seen through game tutorials, and most of the actual mechanics can be less understand because they are in japan language. Every girl in this game has a common type of actions generally to deal with the game.


Basic attack system


In this game, every girl has two types of basic attacks within them. One is a spread shot, and another one is the focus shot. Here focus shot is the most powerful shot available in the game and spread shits can generate more power for you. On the other hand, focus shots can't produce much power as the spread shots.


In every attack, you need to notice combat powers and the targeting power to find whether they are single or all. And also, you need to notify the elements. The combat power of moves is calculating how much damage t can do. If you perform a high number of combat powers, it can deal with massive damage.


You need to remember that every CP (Combat Power) will be calculated against your selected enemy in the current situation. You have an option to change your enemy too.


Targeting types of moves are coming with single or with all targets. A single attack can hit one enemy in the selected enemy list, and all targeted attack can hit all the enemies without concerning the ones you have chosen.


You can see elements that the icons will indicate, and those are above the button. Every icon is representing damage of additional instance. Elements are listed as water, Fire, Moon, Sun, Metal, Wood, Star and the Earth.


Touhou Lost Word Global Release English Gameplay is Now open to Preregister


Spell Card


There is a spell card button for all the attack elements, and pressing them can show you the characters' spell cards. If you are on a basic level, these spell cards function as a basic attack, and you will see your targeting type, CP value, and the spell card's elements. Spell cards are consisting of other effects, and those are not found in h basic attacks. It is better to check these effects from the character's page.


Boost and the Power


All the girls generate their powers from attack performing and damage inflicting, and they come with their own power values. Every power has two effects within it. The first one is that in each one unit of power, the girl's basic attacks are increasing. And when the attack is higher, it can deal with significant damage. The second effect is that 1.00 power spending can add boosting to the following attacks of the girl.


Every boost stack can increase the move's power, and it happens by increasing the effects of the damage. You are allowed to tap on the boost button, and it will let the player cycle around 0, 1, 2, and the three stack. Boost is always applied to the basic attacks and for the spell cards. And also, these boosts can result in consequential damage in later the game.




Every girl in this game is starting their battles with a shield icon of 5 grazes. There is a graze button for it, and by tapping it, one shield icon is expanding to have a perfect dodge of one stack to that girl. Every stack of the perfect doge can avoid the damage attacks caused by the single enemies.


Every player character has their own kind of elemental strengths and also the weaknesses. This is common for the enemies too. A girl can be broken down from one of her shield icons if she gets attacked by her elemental weaknesses.


So common thing will happen to the enemies too. If a girl breaks her shield icons, she will be damaged by the attacks and not being able to doge as well. If this happens to a girl, there is a high possibility of knocking her out from the game.


Team Building


When it is time to build your team, you need to create the front line with three girls and three for reserves. Usually, the deployed one is the front line, and you can swap the girls from their reserves by the change button.


If a girl gets switched, she will gain a specific kind of stat boosts, and it depends on the details of the girl and the other girls she is being swapped for. In every change, there will be five turns of cooldowns.




You can activate the skills through a skill button on the game. Every character consists of 3 skills, and if you unlock their later skills, your character gets ranked up. You can apply these skills to several kinds of buffs and for the debuffs of enemies and allies.


Skills can be activated very quickly than the other things in the game, and there is no waiting for them to start. So there will always be a confirmation screen to show up to the skill effects and the cooldowns. When your actions are completed, your skills are going to be activated.


Touhou Lost Word Global Release English Gameplay is Now open to Preregister


Touhou Lost Word Characters


There are nine girl characters available in Touhou Lost word, and they are described as follows.


Reimu Hakurei


Reimu Hakurei is the main character in the game. She is coming into the Touhou project with Marisa Kirisame, who is a deuteragonist. Reimu is known to be the Hakurei Shrine’s shrine maiden, and she is the one who manages Gensokoyo's Hakurei Border. This character is the person who is exterminating the Youkai.


Reimu is a human, and she is a person who is a clear description of the desires. Many internal conflicts are holding by her, and overall, she is a joyful person. You can identify Reimu as an arrogant and prideful character, and most of the tines she is in a good mood.


Reimu's Abilities


  • Floating

Many of the Gensokyo inheritance are having abilities to fly. But Reimi is the one who can float. When she performs this with a flow, she will express an instinct of superhuman and so much luck. She is much more likely to be made by air, and if she gets distracted, Reimi loses her edge. The ultimate ability of the float is Fantasy Nature. It allows this girl to float away from reality and being immortal to the attacks.

  • Manipulation

According to the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil's omake.txt, it is considered that Reimi can control the spirits of natural things and also the living things.


Marisa Kirisame


Marisa Kirisame knows to be a common type of human magician. She is specialized in light and also for heat magic, and her home is at the Forest of Magic. Marisa's motto is that if there is no magic, then there is nothing to be flashy. Marisa has a mania for collecting some things. She is the deuteragonist of Touhou with the main character Reimi.


You can consider Marisa as a simple, understandable and as a straight forward character in the game.


Marisa' Abilities


  • Can use magic

Marisa is a girl that is trained to be specialized in heat and light. She is considered to be an eastern magician who has to gain a western approach to magic. Marisa's magic power deals with massive damage and fewer weaknesses are coming with this power. But you should know that this magical power has some less non-destructive uses.


  • Flying

As we said earlier, most of the girls here can fly, and Maris is one of them. She is riding a broom in the sky like a witch.


  • Speed

Marisa is a pride speeder, and she is the fastest character in the game to be a human.


Yukari Yakumo


Yukari is a legend who can manipulate the boundaries. She will be known as the master of Ran Yamuko and called the gap youkai. Yukari is a well-known girl about the life of Gensokyo, and she can achieve her goal by manipulating the events rather than engaging in direct combat. Yukari is the most powerful and the most robust character in the game, and she can destroy all the Gensokyo if she needs.


Yukari's Abilities


  • Manipulates the Boundaries

Yukari can manipulate every boundary she faces, and it is known to affect anything she meets. This power allows the Yukari to control and remove any boundaries in between things.


  • Onmyoudouy

She is being called the Onmyoudou, a Japanese court wizard for the derived arts of traditional. Yukari is a character who is the spelling for creating and manipulating the barriers, and she is a specialized one for those.


  • Speaking without the sound

Yukari can talk without emerging the sound, and she was unable to talk to Luna Child even she has lost her sounds because of the fairy.


  • Resisting the powers of Suika

Yukari is the only one who can resist the suika's power, and she uses it to collect every thought of others to have a banquet.


Youmu Konpaku


Youmu is a half-human who is living at the Netherworld's Hakugyokurou. She is a gardener in that world, and also, she is an instructor of swordplay. Youmu serves the Yuyuko Saigyouji, and she will appear into stage 5 boss of the game in perfect cherry blossom.


Youmu's Abilities


  • Sword Fighting

As an instructor for sword playing, Youmu's best ability is dealing with sword fighting.


Alice Margatroid


Alice is a magician who is dealing with the doll controlling. She lives in the Forest of Magic and known to be a unique character for the Touhou project. Alice is a magician species and a human who practices a lot of magic. She has become a magician by using the abandoned food magic. Alice is much more helpful for strategy gameplays, and she is going to fight with a power of little above her opponent.


Alice's Abilities


  • Handling Dolls

Alice is making dolls as her speciality, and she manipulates a vast number of them at the same time. Alice is capable of moving her dolls as much as humans move and makes them perform several actions.


  • Illusion Perception

Alice is capable of seeing through illusions. It is much more active in the night, and she is the one who identified Keine Kamishirasawa's proper form. Alice can see rays of lights that are invisible, which are coming from the full moon. And also, Alice is the girl who understands Fujiwara no Mokou is longer alive.


Reisen Udongein Inaba


Resien is a moon rabbit who came from the moon to the earth due to the Luna war. she has made her ways in the Gensokyo and already met the Kaguya Houraisan and the Erin Yagokoro. She asked for them to have asylum in the Eintei. As for the exchange for this help, Reisen works for the Kaguya and protect her and the Eirin.


Reisen's Abilities


  • Insanity Manipulation

Reisen can manipulate all kinds of waves and the senses. These all are localized within her Lunatic Red eyes, and Reisen uses these abilities to control the brain waves. So she is capable of creating hallucinations and madness based on her opponent strengths. So generally, Reisen can make a person into an irrational and short-tempered person.


Remilia Scarlet

Remilia is known to be the primary antagonist of the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, and she is a vampire species. Remilia is the owner of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Fairy Maids, Hong Meiling, and the mistress of Sakuya Izayoi, and she is also the owner of those all. Flandre Scarlet's older sister is Remilia,


  • Super Human strength

As Remilia is a vampire, she got so many physical abilities and a more incredible speed coming with the strength. And also, she is shape-shifting as most of the monsters and manipulates and summons the devils.


  • Fate Manipulation

She can change the fate of her enemies by manipulating them.


Patchouli Knowledge


Patchouli is a known witch and her residence is at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She is an excellent fri9nd with Remilia Scarlet's housemistress. You can see this character as highly capable, studious and as an experienced magician in the game. Although Patchouli has excellent strengths, those are covered with her low health due to her asthma and the long timed reclusive.


Patchouli's Abilities


  • Manipulates the water, fire, metal, wood, sun, earth and the moon

She can control all of the above elements as an eastern style, western magician.


Sakuya Izayoi


Sakuya is the Remilia Scarlet house's chief maid, and she will be the only known human to live in the mansion of the scarlet devil.


Sakuya's Abilities


  • Time Manipulating

Sakuya can manipulate time and control the flow of time goes. She can speed up the time, making the time low, erasing it r to stop the time. Sakuya is known to be a character who can compress the time flow to make the past and future exist simultaneously. And also, she can make ordinary objects appear in different places with different timelines.


Sanae Kochiya


Sanae Kochiya is known to be a human in the game Touhou lost word, and she can cause miracles to happen. She is also known to be a distant descendant of the Suwako Moriya goddess and more likely to be a Shrine Maiden. Sanae was the first invented for the mountain faith in the stage 5 boss. Sanae is so much energetic and confident enough to gameplay and, more like, an actual character.


Sanae's Abilities


  • Causing Miracles


Sanae can cause miracles by her heritage of the gods, and her spell cards will be themed after several odd events or the religions. Mostly these magic miracles are for weather manipulation, and she uses them mainly for the rain prays. Miracles that Sanae cause will never be related to the bad or the good fortune, and she takes time to prepare miracles before launching. Simple miracles take only single words, and complex ones take long days.


  • Shrine Maiden


Sanae is another type of Reimu Hakurei's shrine maiden, and she can summon gods. While calling gods, Sanae can earn some of the powers, and she is capable of summoning the patrons.




Cirno will be the strongest for the Gensokyo, and she is an ice fairy. She is a somewhat coolest character in the game, and Cirno will be the powerful girl that can lead you into the gameplay. 

She is using ice for her manipulations.


Cinro's Abilities


  • Manipulating the Cold


Cinro can manipulate the cold to defeat her enemies, and as she is an ice fairy, she controls these colds as per her need. Cinro shots her enemies with the icicle shoot and uses the shot medium as the freezing lasers.


Touhou Lost Word preregistration Guide


Good Smiles Company has started their pre-registrations to the game Tohou Lost Word on their official web site, and there are no play store registrations for the game currently.


So until the game release, you can become a part of the global beta by pre-registrations.


How to preregister


You should use your working email id to preregister, and when the beta or the global version has released, you will get a notification from the game developer. When you have finished with your pre-registration, you should get a notification mail, and if you didn't get it, please check your spam folder. Remove your developer ID email from that list, and you will get your notifications for the game.


Touhou Lost Word awards


When the global launch is released, you can experience the milestones set by the Touhou Lost word developers. Following are the list of rewards you will get after the game has launched into the globe.


  • For 10000 users, you will get Reimu Hakurei with Marisa Kirisame (those are coming as one for each of the character)
  • For 20000 users, you will get five of the seal crystals with 1500 coins
  • For 30000 users, you are going to take 3000 coins with 10 of the seal crystals
  • For 40000, you will take 4500 coins with 15 seal crystals
  • For 50000 users, you are going to take one story card for each key visual versions
  • 100000 users are taking 6000 coins with 20 seal crystals
  • 150000 users are getting one of the story cards for a key visual version
  • For 200000 users, you are taking a one-story card with 20 seal crystals




Touhou Lost Word will be some impressive game with a fantastic script of the story, and for those interested in playing a beautiful story lined game with mysteries, this one is for you. With all the details and the guidance we have taken from the game's official sites, we can say that this game will be a bomb. So until it releases to our all platforms, let's take part in the pre-registrations and wait until this excellent game release.

Download Touhou LostWord on PC