TenkafuMA Free Redeem Codes January 2023


Do you ever need to play a game that doesn't involve those usual battles? And especially with H content with gameplay? If so, TenkafuMA is here for your set in an anime world with several babes. You absolutely heard the entire thing right. You are going to see the girls here. It is a game that comes with several characters with a high adult theme where we need to dominate beautiful babes, humans and war. And let's have side support for it with TenkafuMA codes.






When talking about TenkafuMA codes, those are the ones that give you access to the free rewards of your game, and these codes are actually helping you to rise throughout the game. Since we have to build a powerful army with our girls, we are going to need several items from this game to ensure our victory, and that can be easily conquered through the TenkafuMA codes.

Since TenkafuMA codes are changing from time to time and the rewards that you can also be subject to change, we created this TenkafuMA coded guide to let you know the available ones you can redeem for additional resources. No further talks. Let's start our TenkafuMA codes guide for this month from here.

TenkafuMA Active Codes

Code Rewards Exp Date
tkfmhappy2023 Redeem this gift code for exclusive rewards Valid until February 31st, 2023
tkfmenergyget Redeem this gift code for exclusive rewards Valid until January 31st, 2023

Please make it a note that this code will only work if it has been typed correctly and redeemed in time. These codes are heavily case sensitive and won't be active after some time because they come with a short life span. So make sure to get the advantage on time and don't be late until you miss the chance.


How to Redeem TenkafuMA Codes?

Following these simple steps will allow you to redeem your codes.


  • Open your TenkafuMA game.



  • There will be an option for the Menu, and you need to click it as your second step.



  • After you come to the Menu, click the settings of the game.



  • There will be two tabs open here Normal and Other. you need to click the Other tab



  • After you go to the Other tab, you can see several options for the game and here, you need to tap the button "Redeem Code."



  • The "Redeem Code" button will open you a blank space to enter the code, and you can type your code here.



  • And now, you are free to have your rewards to enhance your gameplay.


How to Earn More TenkafuMA Codes?

Having a constant touch with TenkafuMA's official Discord channel will allow you to know the timely codes of the game, and you can also check this game's official Twitter, Facebook and even the Reddit channel to know what has been updated and what has been expired.

More than that, you can check this guide from time to time to know the recently released codes as we are updating this guide with the most recent codes released for the game.

How to Play TenkafuMA on PC?

Playing with a PC is more beneficial than it is on a mobile phone because you are literally creating the most optimized gameplay with a computer. And it especially happens with the support from the best android emulator: LDPlayer. You can take the 64-bit version of this emulator or the 32-bit one and then follow these steps to have your most optimized gameplay for TenkafuMA on PC. Install the best emulator: LDPlayer


  • Visit its store called LD Store


  • There will be a search bar in this store, and you can search your TenkafuMA game by typing it on its search bar


  • Install the game through LDPlayer


  • Enjoy your most advanced gameplay through LDPlayer


So that marks the end of our TenkafuMA codes guide for this month, and we make sure to update this guide with every possible release for the game. So don't give up your eye on this guide, and don't try to be late because codes are not waiting until you are ready, and you need to hurry up.

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