Summoners War: Lost Centuria – Tips and Tricks

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Com2US has just released Summoners War: Lost Centuria and we’re going to be providing you with both advanced and beginner-friendly tips and tricks for the game that will help take your gameplay to the next level. It is a free-to-play game that features real-time combat between different monsters from the extremely popular Summoner’s War franchise. The game inherits many mechanics from the previous Summoners War game including runes and formations. If you haven’t already you can download Summoners War: Lost Centuria for free with LDPlayer.


Starting off Strong:


Summoners War: Lost Centuria – Tips and Tricks


When you start off with the game, you will immediately be tasked with collecting tons of different rewards with each having its own advantages and disadvantages. You will be able to summon new monsters and improve them over time with different kinds of resources. As soon as you start off you should head on over to the Quest tab. Once you are there, you can find the Daily Quests and the Missions tab.


These quests let you earn tons of money every day with the use of rewards. After completing about 9 daily quests, you will also be earning additional crystals for your hard work. These missions are meant to be as long-term rewards and are to be considered as achievements and not as quests. Having tons of crystals helps you have mystical innovations which are extremely useful.


Once you get to 200 victory points, head to the TV tab and place a bet on the winner of a match. If your bets end up succeeding, you can win a rare summon card. However, in order to start winning, you should get an idea of player composition. Otherwise, you can start randomly. You will still have a 50% chance to win and even if you lose, you will end up getting a normal card.


Once done, go to the Events tab. You should be finding tons of rewards over there that you can claim. Remember to scroll down very slowly so you don’t miss out on anything. You will end up finding tons of rewards for daily logins, PvE chapters, and rewards for various PvP Ranks. In essence, you will be able to collect tons of rewards.


The last aspect of the game you need to check once you start off is to take a look at your monster collection. You will be able to find Growth Quests for all of them. You can collect a lot of crystals from these depending on the level of the monster and the skills you have obtained. So, make sure to check regularly.


Gameplay Mechanics:


Understanding the core mechanics of the game help you understand the nuances of each level. As you get better at the game, having an in-depth understanding of the game helps you become a better Summoners War: Lost Centuria player. Each monster in the game consists of one of five different elements: Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Darkness. Here’s a quick overview of the elements and what they mean:


  • Water takes over Fire
  • Fire takes over Wind
  • Water takes over Wind
  • Light and Darkness cancel each other out.


When it comes to elements, Red is a Fire Based Monster, Orange is a Wind Based Monster, Blue is a Water-Based Monster, Golden is for a Light-Based Monster and Violet is for a monster that rises from the darkness.


Once you get better at the game, you will develop an inherent idea of what to do with each monster and which draft you should be going for with every situation.


The best way to start identifying counters and synergies is to jump right into Lost Centuria. Since the game is primarily based on PvP and no grinding, put up a solid team as quickly as possible and start fighting. You will end up having tons of fun and will learn valuable tips and tricks about your particular deck that should help improve your overall gameplay.


Use the Counter System:


The counter system is where most of the strategy of the game lies. To get an advantage over your enemy, use the counter system as much as you can. It provides a completely different dimension to fights. You can counter your opponent’s actions by using a counterspell. Make sure you have mana before you can launch your counter. You can then turn a fight around and gain a very real advantage which is very hard to counter unless and until the enemy has a counter themselves.


The counter system provides a very different dynamic to the otherwise stale combat that will force you to be reactive and active to win most fights. Counters are generally considered as shields, invisibility, stun, immunity, and removal of harmful effects. All of these attacks make the enemy’s attacks hard to land/miss.


Summoners War: Lost Centuria – Tips and Tricks


However, do note that as much as a well-timed counter can win the game for you, a poor one can absolutely destroy the entire game. Be as patient as you can don’t jump the gun just because your opponent used a strong skill. Wait to take a look as to what it exactly is. As an example, you really don’t want to use a cleanse counterspell before the opponent uses all their de-buffs.


Timing is key in the game, waiting to move after your opponent results in a counter and timing it right is of absolute importance. Being good at counters can have you end up negating damage, effects and turning the tide of battle towards you in a single instant.


Understanding Monsters:


Before moving on any further, taking an in-depth looking at the monsters in the game is of pivotal importance since they form up the majority of the game. As of yet, they are numbered at 43 and consist of various tanks, heals, direct damage fighters and mages that inflict tons of damage over time. It is quite interesting for a new player to take into account the tons of different abilities each monster has. But, you should try and study the monsters yourself in the glossary to get an idea of all their spells to get the hang of all the spells that can be used against you at any particular instant. Moreover, you will end up identifying monsters that you personally feel are good for your draft.


Currently, the game offers three distinct ways to level up your monsters. Firstly, you can collect cards and use mana stones. You can then add a skill stone that modifies the effect of the monster’s skill or adds brand-new passive effects.


You can also add up runes to improve their stats that end up benefiting them from the effect of the rune set.


Creating Runes:


Before you start making runes, you will need to unlock your Territory which you can get through 3 Ranked Combat victories. Once you unlock it, you can go to the rune-making building with the ingredient Mystic Powder. With this ingredient, you can start creating normal, rare heroic, or legendary runes. In the beginning, you can only make normal runes which can be crafted through the rune-making building. As your account gets to a higher level, you can make better rarities of runes by unlocking crafting requirements.


Focus on the energy and fatal runes as they provide you with 15% HP and 15% ATQ respectively which are great sets of runes for beginners.


Getting Mystic Powder Quickly:


Getting Mystic Powder is relatively simple. You can send your monsters to the Mission Office where they will be auto battling for a set amount of time. At the end of it, you will end up receiving a mystical powder for the completion of the mission. There’s a chance that you might end up getting an extra rune too. You should be targeting the weak points of each enemy that you encounter to get closer to the max success rate of 100% which provides you with a higher chance of getting better runes and powders.


The biggest advantage of this is that you can send any monster without fear of disrupting your training as they can be used in all game modes with no trouble whatsoever. The number of missions and the rarity of runes you will be getting primarily depends on the level of your account. However, as a metric, you can get about 4 missions at level 6. This number increases linearly after a set amount of levels.


Leveling Up:


You can also level up monsters and spells using duplicate shards or fragments. These are achievable through summoning or through the usage of tickets. You will need a specific amount of Mana Stones to level up spell cards and monster cards. The cost of each card and the number of shards you need will be increasing exponentially as the level increases. The maximum a monster or spell can level up to is level 15. You can also equip monsters with skill stones which as mentioned above come in different rarities.


To increase the substates of a particular monster, you can use mana stones to upgrade. Players have the ability to upgrade the rune by enhancing it. Enhancing the rune is done by fusing runes with others to create a collectively powerful rune.


Getting the Hang of Every Game Mode:


Summoners War: Lost Centuria – Tips and Tricks


The game offers tons of different game modes with each having its own nuances that differentiate them from one other. However, as mentioned earlier, the primary game mode is still PvP which means you must participate in the game mode before you can unlock all of the others.


You can access all of the various game modes in the lobby and nowhere else. The game has a variety of PvP modes with each having its own dynamics. Here’s an overview.


Duel Mode: As the name suggests, this model focuses on Duel Mode and provides you with victory points that are the main determinant of your ranking. If you win, you gain points and if you lose, you lose points. You don’t lose as many points as you win. Each match also provides you with about 3 stars with every 10 stars netting you a reward. Each battle allows you to get glory medals to perform glorious summons. These cost 20 medals per summon and guarantee a high rarity summon. However, they are quite hard to find.


As you rise in rank, you gain a permanent reward which further determines your skills. These cannot be achieved again and are replenished every season. Each season of Lost Centuria will last a month so you will have 30 days to get to the top.

Your rank will reset after every season to put you in the same state as every other player.


Normal Mode: Unlocked after 1000 battles of being victorious in a ladder fight. You can fight players here without losing points. The mode is ideal for practicing and trying out new drafts against actual players rather than testing your metal out with the AI.


Challenge Mode: The Challenge Mode lets you participate in Constraint Battles. In these battles, all your monsters will be at level 10 alongside the spells as well. Moreover, an effect will be applied to you as well. This can range from anything to not being able to heal your monster or having all your attack powers increased. Each victory presents you with a reward. This game mode is quite arcadey in nature and is meant to cool off after a particularly hard match. If you lose three times, the challenge is over. However, you can only get rewards with 10 victories.


PvE Modes:


Summoners War: Lost Centuria – Tips and Tricks


The game has a campaign mode titled Occupation Combat which consists of 12 chapters. You will need to liberate every territory by winning 3 battles with varying levels of difficulty. Monsters on the other side have special effects which you will need to adapt to, to secure a clean win.


The mode is amazing to get rewards as they present you with exclusive opportunities to gain tons of runes and mystic powder which you cannot get anywhere else. You will not be able to complete all 12 chapters right away and most of the chapters will need to be unlocked over time. Currently, only the first three chapters are unlocked and for others, you will need to keep playing the PvP mode until you are able to get to different difficulties of each chapter. We recommend 3 starring a particular stage and then moving onto the next one to make the most out of it.


Summoners War: Lost Centuria – Tips and Tricks


Wanted: The wanted game mode is another PvE mode that has you eliminate bosses that have been troublesome in the kingdom. You should try and do these fights as quickly as possible to win rewards and to get the daily quest, “Win 1 Wanted Match.” Just like other modes, the bosses are unlocked over time as you progress through the chapters of the mode. You will need to adapt to the mode and think of the perfect strategy.


These are all the modes currently available in the game. As mentioned earlier, most of these modes require you to focus on PvP as it is a core fundamental of the game. We recommend, however, keeping PvE modes in your mind as they are essential for your progress.


Join an Alliance:


As soon as the game starts, we recommend joining an alliance as quickly as possible. In order to do so, go to the menu and choose an alliance amongst the many in the list. Make a request to get added to the guild. Some alliances have particular instructions like the minimum level of a player. However, most currently do not really pose any conditions since the game is relatively new. Joining a guild presents you with tons of different advantages. It allows you to communicate with other players and get advice. Some daily quests can also only be done if you are part of an alliance. Here’s an overview of some of those quests:


  • Wedding ring holder: "Offer a cardholder to the wedding ring 1 time"
  • Wedding ring shop: "Buy a product in the wedding ring shop 1 time". 
  • Alliance request: "Apply for an alliance card 1 time". 


Missing the rewards that you get from any of these quests would be an absolute shame. You get about 10 alliance coins for each of these quests. You can access these coins and use them to upgrade your monsters in the alliance shop. You should be checking the shop every week as your selections at reset every Monday at Midnight.


By completing your 3 daily quests and offering a card helper as soon as any member in your quests asks for it in the Alliance Exchange Center, you can gain about 2000 alliance coins which is the daily cap.


Composing the Perfect Team:


Summoners War: Lost Centuria – Tips and Tricks


Composing the perfect team in Lost Centuria all relies on trial and error. You cannot expect to have the best team in the game from the get-go as monsters consist of various elements with each having its own nuances. As such, It is quite common for players to be swapping drafts often especially as they start the game.


Most players start using the Fire DPS in their lineup. In this case, we recommend using a strategy to position a tank and a water DPS in your team to gain an advantage against a team using a fire DPS lineup. Your sense of strategy is rightfully needed when making up a team as having a good draft matters much more than if all your monsters are leveled up or not.


One important aspect of your team which you should never ignore is your tank or frontline. Just like any other game, the tank will be at the forefront of fights and will be targeted by the enemy from the start. Therefore, you should pick up a relatively durable monster that can withstand attacks. Make sure to take a look at monsters that have high HP, Defense, or skills that help mitigate damage. Usually, these monsters are naturally meant to tank which makes them extremely powerful.


Try to have monsters of elements that are not used a lot since that means you won’t be inherently countered. Since elements can quickly make or break the team.


LDPlayer Features for Summoners War: Lost Centuria:


LDPlayer is perhaps one of the best emulators out there for its extensive set of features specially designed for Summoners War: Lost Centuria. Unlike other emulators, LDPlayer prides itself in its ability to sustain and maintain extremely high FPS on low-end systems with minimal impact on other system resources.


Moreover, it also features exclusive options that help take your gameplay to the next level. For example, you can use the key bind feature to change your keys and bind them to keys present on your mouse and keyboard allowing you to play a mobile game the same way you could on your PC.


Lastly, you can make your re-rolling much more efficient by using the emulator’s in-built multi-instance feature and synchronizer to use multiple accounts at the same time to make sure you have the best rolls every time.




Summoners War: Lost Centuria has proven itself to be an amazing title since it incorporates both strategy and luck with intricate Gacha mechanics sewn within the core gameplay. Moreover, it introduces tons of nuances to the genre with an emphasis on PvP and PvE turning into an integral aspect of the game as well. By following these tips and tricks, you should be able to take your gameplay to the next level in absolutely no time.

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