Summoners: War Chronicles Tier List to Find Your Best Champ – january 2023


Get ready for the Summoners War: Chronicles monsters because we are here to make you go with the best monsters. This is a field of many battles, runes, and rewards, and you have to be the strongest if you want to beat those enemies with all game modes. If you have played Summoners War before, you may know how the universe works because this game is also based on it, and to make you better through all hardness, we have made this Summoners War: Chronicles tier list.

Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List & Reroll Guide for the Best Monsters

If you are a Summoners War: Chronicles beginner, you may not know that every monster of this game has a strength rank for them, and they will be different in their powers and attributes. Some might be the strongest, while others will give you the hardest time handling the battles. So, it is always recommended to choose the best among the best if you really want to make it a better play from this game, and that is why you need the Summoners War: Chronicles tier list.

So, this monster tier list will allow you to know them clearly with their respective strength levels, and now this is the time for you to play Summoners War: Chronicles on PC with LDPlayer 9 to make it a better play. You will also be learning how they will be earned with Summoners War: Chronicles reroll steps. Let’s start with the guide.

Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List of Monsters – Ranking

As we said, all the monsters are not going to be the same, and they all have varied strength levels in the game. So for this, we will give you five ranks to define with their strength as follows.

  • Tier S – we are going to see the most powerful monsters here, and they can give you a great impact on the game. They will be your best chance to fight against the enemies because they have the best power to handle the gameplay from a superior level.

  • Tier A – the monsters right after the S tier, based on the strength level, come in tier A, and they will be doing the best effects and contributing to the game. Although they might still not hold the best powers like S tier, you will have a good game with these heroes.

  • Tier B – the average skilled and powered monsters are here, and if you are in the early stage of the game, there is nothing wrong with going with these monsters.

  • Tier C – the monsters from the below-average rank come here, but they will need much effort by you to make a great impact on the game.

  • Tier D – don’t even look at these monsters because they need a lot of improvement and will be the worst to use

Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List of Monsters

And let’s now see which monsters are coming from each of the ranks in the Summoners War: Chronicles tier list as follows.

Rank Name of the Monster      

Vampire (Water)

Vampire (Fire, Wind, Light, Dark)

Valkyrja (Water, Wind, Light)

Valkyrja (Fire, Dark)


Undine (all)

Sylph (Water, Wind, Dark) Sylph (Fire, Light)

Sky Dancer (all)


Raven (all)

Polar Queen (all)

Pirate Captain (all)

Pioneer (all)


Panda Warrior (Wind, Water, Dark, Light)

Panda Warrior (Fire)

Occult Girl (all)

Monkey King (all)


Mermaid (all)

Martial Cat (all)

Magic Knight (all)

Lich (all)

Kobold Bomber (all)

Joker (all)

Jack-o'-lantern (all)

Ifrit (all)


Harpy (Dark, Water)

Desert Queen (all)

Chimera (all)

Beast Monk (all)


Epikion Priest (all)

Archangel (Light, Wind, Water, Fire)

Archangel (Dark)


Mystic Witch (Light, Wind, Dark)

Inferno (all)

Imp Champion (all)

High Elemental (all)


Harpu (all)

Harg (all)

Griffon (all)

Cow Girl (Fire, Dark)

  Oracle (all) Beetle Knight (all)

Amazon (Dark, Light, Wind, Water)

B Werewolf (all) Warbear (all)

Vagabond (all)

Pixie (Water, Fire, Dark)


Penguin Knight (all)

Inugami (all)

Imp (all)

Howl (all)


Hellhound (all)

Garuda (all)

Mystic Witch Water, Fire)

Frankenstein (Light, Water, Dark)


Fairy (Light, Fire, Dark)

Cow Girl (Wind, Water, Light)

Battle Mammoth (all)

Amazon (Fire)


Yeti (all)

Serpent (all) Salamander (all)

Pixie (Wind, Light)


Mummy (all)

Lizardman (all) Living Armor (all)

Harpy (Wind, Fire, Light)


Grim Reaper (all)

Gore (all)

Golem (all)

Frankenstein (Fire, Wind)


Fairy (Water, Wind)

Elemental (all)

Charger Shark (all)

D Surprise Box (all)

Slime (all)

Skull Soldier (all)

Sandman (all)

Mushroom (all)

Monster Flower (all)

Mischievous Bat (all)

Mimick (all)


Maned Boar (all)

Horned Frog (all)

Ghost (all) Forest Keeper (all)

Battle Scorpion (all)

Low Elemental (all)


Note that all our Summoners War: Chronicles tier list of monsters are represented here with their respective element, and the ones who have been named as all means that they belonged to all elements.

Summoners War: Chronicles Reroll Steps

Now let’s get to know about the Summoners War: Chronicles reroll as it is necessary to pick up a best from the Summoners War: Chronicles tier list.

  • Start the game first

  • Go to the main screen and log In as a guest

  • Create a new character for you

  • Go through the main tutorial as well as the gacha to gain your character

  • Repeat the same until you get the most desired

This process can only be simplified by having to do the same again and again. Instead, you can have several rerolls happening to the game at once with the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9. It has the Multi-Instance Sync feature to ease your rerolls and will clone your emulator and allows you to reroll from each.


That is all for giving you from this Summoners War: Chronicles tier list with its separate Summoners War: Chronicles reroll steps, and if you want the best, don’t look twice. It turns out to always be the S tier as one of your best Summoners War: Chronicles tips for the best gameplay.

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