Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Beginner's Guide for Getting Started


Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes is a stylized RPG game developed by Capital Games and published by Electronic Arts for iOS and Android devices. The game was officially launched in November 2015 for both Android and iOS platforms. This article will discuss the gameplay features and provide you with a beginner’s guide to help our readers get started with the game. We will begin with the features of the game. So, let’s get started.




Features of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


  • Create and customize your battle squad strategy
  • Collect heroes and other RPG characters from the Star Wars universe
  • Not only experience but also engage in epic starship battles
  • Join your friends in the multilayer mode to raid arenas.
  • Epic boss fights with bosses like – Rancor, AAT Tank, and Sith Triumvirate.


The Gameplay

Galaxy of Heroes is a turn-based role-playing game that includes characters and ships from the Star Wars universe, including films, animated series, and Knights of the Old Republic. Players take on the role of a Holotable Hero, tasked with collecting holographic characters and ships for use in holotable fights. With a squad of characters or ships, battles can be played in both a player-versus-environment (PVE) and a player-versus-player (PVP) mode.


Characters and ships can be obtained by collecting shards; they will be unlocked or leveled up if enough shards have been collected. Shards can be obtained in various methods, the most common of which are as a drop from completing a PVE level or by purchasing with in-game currency. Also, each character and ship possess unique abilities which can be used with other characters to create a powerful team. Effects such as buffs and de-buffs have an important rule of their own.


As the player level increases, a player will be able to unlock more game content. You will find different contents in different holotables, with a specific requirement to play them. After reaching level 20, the players can join guilds to unlock more content.


Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Gameplay


How to Start?

To play this game, you need to have a strong internet connection. The game begins with the background story and then moves to the tutorial. The game has an auto-battle system, so you don’t have to fight using controls. You can just watch the entire battle. As a player, you create powerful teams that will automatically complete the levels.


Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Android Game


Characters and Ships

A player can obtain various characters by collecting character shards. While obtaining Ships, you have to collect their blueprints. You can only obtain characters or ships when you collect a specific number of shards or blueprints. When you unlock the ship/character, they have a star-level which can be increased with more shards and blueprints. 


You can get shards and blueprints from Cantina Battles, different stores such as Guild Event Store, Guild Store, galactic war store, Cantina Battles stores, etc. You can also unlock them through Events and Raids Territory Battles.


Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Characters



With currencies, you can purchase in-game items. SWHoG offers several currencies. We will be discussing each one of them.


  • Crystals – these are the primary currency of the game. These currencies can be exchanged for real money. A player can use crystals for more energy, battle refreshes, name changes, and purchase more items from Store, shipment, and weekly shipment.
  • Credits – to buy items from Mod store, shipment, and weekly shipment. With credits, you can also upgrade character levels, rarity, abilities, and mods.
  • Ship building material - to purchase items from the Mod Store. This method can upgrade ship levels, ship rarity, and ship abilities.
  • Ally points - used to buy products from the Weekly Shipment and Bronzium Data Cards in the Store.
  • Cantina battle tokens - Can be used to buy products at the Cantina Battles Store.
  • Galactic war tokens - are a type of currency that can purchase items from the Galactic War Store.
  • Squad arena tokens - Can be used to buy products at the Cantina Battles Store.
  • Fleet Arena Tokens - are used to buy items from the Fleet Arena Store.
  • Guild Tokens - These are used to buy items from the Guild Store.
  • Mk I & Mk II Guild Event Tokens - These are used to buy items from the Guild Events Store.
  • Championship Tokens - These are used to buy items from the Championship Store.
  • Shard Store Token - Used to purchase items from the Shard Store.


Battles (PvP)


  • Light Side & Dark Side Battles – in these two battles, a player must complete multiple PvE missions in normal and hard mode to progress further. You will be guided by a map. If you won the battle, you would be rewarded with Gear, shards, and blueprints.
  • Fleet Battles – same as Light side and Dark side battles. Progress by completing and winning multiple PvE battles.
  • Cantina Battles – progress through multiple PvE missions with the help of a map to get Signal Data, shards, and blueprints for characters and Ships, respectively.
  • Mod Battles – same as other battles but with different rewards. You will be rewarded with Mods and Slicing materials.



These are ranked PvP battles for players to compete against each other’s teams to win rewards. The battle will be automatic.


  • Squad Arena – choose a team of characters available to win the battles against other opponent’s teams and move to the top of the rankings.
  • Fleet Arena – similar to Squad arena, but you choose Ships to fight against other players instead of characters.
  • Grand Arena Championship – this is multiple rounds, tournament-style battle championship. A player will have to use the roster to create a powerful team to take on the other players.


There are other wars and challenges that you will discover after you lay the game and progress further. But for now, this will be all from us in this article. Stay tuned with us for more updates. 

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