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Last Updated: 2021-08-24

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Current Version: 1.12.5

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

NEXON Company
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News and Guides for KonoSuba: Fantastic Days
KonoSuba Fantastic Days Recommended Low Star Rarity Characters
When selecting members from the lowest rarity at KonoSuba Fantastic Days, you have to consider the unique features of those characters. Sometimes, the combination of most minor rarity will do an excellent service which equals the highest rarity characters.
KonoSuba Fantastic Days How to Raise the Player Ranks?
KonoSuba Fantastic Days has several methods for raising the player ranks, and when the players have an up rank, they can face their enemies and battles with the most potent abilities. Ranking up can be done by clearing quests, skip tickets, etc.
KonoSuba Fantastic Days Special Character Guide
The special characters in the game; of KonoSuba Fantastic Days, named Wiz, Megumin, Aqua, and Darkness, have unique and special performances. But the players have to identify the exact time to use them.
KonoSuba Fantastic Days Beginner Missions
The beginner missions in KonoSuba fantastic days can complete efficiently by following some simple strategies. There will be a gacha draw and several chapters that the players have to finish.
KonoSuba Fantastic Days Ultimate Boss Guide
KonoSuba Fantastic Days have different types of monsters on there, and they have changing and unique skills owned by themselves. Some of these skills are so brutal for the players like the skills own by Hans.
KonoSuba Fantastic Days How to Efficiently Collect Reinforced Stones and their Usage
Reinforcement stones are more likely an addition to the money, and we can use them to strengthen our equipment in the game. There are several ways of collecting them through KonoSuba Fantastic Days, and each one will provide players with a unique usage.
KonoSuba Fantastic Days | Character Training Methods and their Priorities
KonoSuba Fantastic Days have an exact priority method on training, and it has to be done with the priority of the character development. Training will help you to have better luck in the game.
KonoSuba Fantastic Days: Battle Tips and Tasks to do When You Can't Win?
KonoSuba Fantastic Days battle comes from several approaches and basic combat systems. Skill effect, suing buffs and debuffs, mastering the targets, and so on will lead you to do better in those battles. If you still fail, there are some other actions to follow as well.
KonoSuba Fantastic Days | Skills Guide
Skills are the abilities that a player gain from adventure cards, and to learn them, and a player has to spend their skill points
KonoSuba Fantastic Days | Party Composition and Training Member Guide
KonoSuba Fantastic Days have a unique team composition with five special categories, and the training members in the game have an identical feature. It is the level-up member card. It can speed up the leveling of skills.