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Dragalia Lost

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News and Guides for Dragalia Lost
A Guide on Shapeshifting in Dragalia Lost and How to Maximize it using buffs and Afflictions
This guide discusses the Ultimate ability in Dragalia Lost and how it can be optimized by considering skills and abilities that attach to it and enhancing the damage output with Affliction, buffs, and de-buffs.
Dragalia Lost Complete Guide to Team Building and Auto-Battling
This guide is a complete resource for learning what aspects are essential to team building and making a proper Auto-Battle team for each of the five elements in Dragalia Lost.
Dragalia Lost An In-depth Guide to Combat Mechanics
Today we are presenting you with the Combat Mechanics in detail in this guide, and it will help you learn all the essential aspects of combat and its mechanics and become a master in them.
Dragalia Lost Version 2.10.0 Update on July 20, 2021
Here's the complete version 2.10.0 update of Dragalia Lost in which you can check out changes, and much more.
Dragalia Lost Limited Adventurers and Dragons Return in the Thousand-Day Celebration Showcase, Now Live!
Here's the complete guide of thousand-day celebration showcase. Read more to know about the limited adventures and dragons.
Dragalia Lost Progression Guide For Beginners
In this article we will be covering some of the fundamental aspects of how to progress properly in this fun and dynamic Gatcha game. Dragalia lost is a very popular game because of the many things it has to offer to new players. If you want to learn how to get through the game in the most effective way possible - this is the guide for you.
Dragalia Lost Dragon Investment Guide
In this guide you will learn about the dragon investment technique. In which dragons are worth investing your time and money and which are not.
A Beginner's Guide to Dragalia Lost
Welcome to Dragalia Lost! This guide teaches the first few things to do when jumping into the lush, vivid kingdom of Alberia and helps you with farming and general game progression, along with basic information for you to get started.
Dragalia Lost Weapon Crafting Guide
Here's an complete overview of weapon crafting in Dragalia Lost. Read more to know more about weapon crafting and how you can benefit from it in this game.
Dragalia Lost Wyrmprint Basics
Here is the complete Wyrmprint basics guide for Dragalia Lost Lovers. In this guide you will find every thing you need to know about improving your gameplay through Wyrmprint basics.