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Among Us March Update Patch Notes | Quick chat, Airship

Innersloth has added a large number of features to Among Us in March 2021. All of these updates include bug fixes and other optimizations as well. Here's everything you need to know about updates for Among Us for the month of March

Among Us New Hunter Role With Trolling Imposters

New Hunter Role with Trolling Imposters has got so many impressive features such as detective skills, hidden imposters, and trolling conversations to find clues and expose imposters

Newest Camo Powers: Among Us

Among Us, new camo power lets crewmates be invisible from imposters and even from their own crewmates.

Play The Perfect Mind Game In Among Us – Becoming The Ultimate Crewmate

An extremely popular game, Among Us has solidified itself into a gaming legend. With a basic concept, the game still attracts thousands of players each with its own unique strategy. Here's how you can become the ultimate crewmate by following a few basic tricks that can shape up your game extremely well.

Among Us: A guide for New Role Hitman

The new hitman role is a sheriff role, and he is a design for killing imposters

How to do your Tasks efficiently as a Crewmate in Among Us

Among Us is a game of wits and intelligence. With a band of Crewmates and an Impostor trying to stop them from fixing their ship, the game quickly delves into chaos. Here's how you can do your tasks exceptionally efficiently as a Crewmate and help your team secure the win in Among Us.

How to master the Polus Map in Among Us - Secret Locations And More

Polus is the largest map in Among Us. The map features intricate corridors and a lot of nuances that make it quite hard for both Impostors and Crewmates. Here is how you can get better at Polus and all the tips and tricks you need to know for it.

Among Us: How to play the new Doctor Role

Among Us, Doctor or the medic role is fully responsible for reviving the dead mates in the gameplay, and it can make the team into more work full.

How to Always Catch the Impostor by Communicating Effectively in Among Us?

Among Us, Ultimate Imposter catching guide is here for all Among Us Lovers. We have added secret tips and tricks to catch even a high IQ Imposter

Among Us: Imposter Edition Tip and Tricks

Here is the most awaited Imposter Edition of Among Us. These tips and tricks can make anyone an EPIC IMPOSTER in "Among Us."