Space Leaper: Cocoon CBT is Now Live


Space Leaper: Cocoon is the new gacha game that is taking steps to turn the game’s world upside down, and DAMO NETWORK LIMITED is the one who manages to make this game alive. Now the Space Leaper: Cocoon CBT has started to give a fresh experience for all the gacha lovers with some cute meow girls, and this game is way too pretty to handle. And here we bring you everything that we are aware of: the Space Leaper: Cocoon CBT.






The game is set in a surreal setting. And this place is considered a destined space that makes your way to take the adventure into a huge universe. And as per the trailer, we see that the Space Leaper: Cocoon shows much interest in the cats. It is all about meowing in this game.

There are so many RPG elements included in this game to make us amazed throughout its gameplay, and we are sure that this game will be a unique experience for you. It is taking you into the somewhat cute world here, and now that the Space Leaper: Cocoon CBT has started, we have to know several things about the game as follows.

Space Leaper: Cocoon CBT Period

Space Leaper: Cocoon CBT has already started this month. It started on the 10th of May at 06.00.00 UTC and is planned to last for over 11 days total. So this period will be needed on the 20th of May 2022.


Space Leaper: Cocoon CBT Overview

During the period of the Space Leaper: Cocoon closed beta test, players will be able to have several in-game currencies and enjoy the aspects of the gaming at every corner. But there is one thing in here. You will not be able to utilize these earned things after the Space Leaper: Cocoon CBT period ends, and all the data with player accounts will be deleted from servers after the CBT ends. So you cannot keep your progress in Space Leaper: Cocoon after the 20th of May 2022 and will have to wait until the game is released officially for the players.


The Space Leaper: Cocoon will be released for the Google platforms. That means only the android users are capable of taking the game and test throughout the CBT period. Players will require minimum system capabilities on their phones, and they should have an android operating system up to 6.0. And it will be better to have RAM that goes beyond 2G.



If there is any problem happened with Space Leaper: Cocoon CBT while you are playing, you can have tech support from the game, and there will be an icon placed at the second on your screen. Clicking it comes up with the needed support. If there is any bug noticed or improvement and a suggestion, in-game support and the official Space Leaper: Cocoon Facebook will be there to give you a hand.

LDPlayer with Space Leaper: Cocoon

Still, there is no detail for an official release for this game, and this Space Leaper: Cocoon CBT is made for the test purpose only. So it is better to use the LDPlayer after the game has been released. But it is obvious that you will get to experience the best gaming experience with this new gacha game once it is released with the help of the features like Multi-Instance, Keyboard Mapping and Keyboard Macro Commands.




So here is everything we know so far about the Space Leaper: Cocoon CBT, and please note that this is only made for test purposes. So every lag, mistake and non-proper working you see in this game will be fixed at the end of the CBT, and until then, you can have a try for this game to know how well it can entertain us as a new RPG gacha game. So take your chance immediately.

Download Space Leaper: Cocoon (Early Access) on PC

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