Soulworker Urban Strategy Beginner’s Guide – Top Tips to Fight and Survive


It is time for you to fight as well as to survive against the destruction as well as looting. Now, your soul workers are ready to give you their best to become better for the Soulworker Urban Strategy gameplay, and there will be different strategies, heroes, skills, and resources that can help you throughout the game. But before these all, you better be ready for the game by having a perfect guide with tips on your hands.

Soulworker Urban Strategy Beginner’s Guide

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So, today is about the Soulworker Urban Strategy guide and also the tips that can help you win through the game, and let’s find out how the game works. Just play Soulworker Urban Strategy on PC to make it the most optimized gameplay with LDPlayer 9, and let’s start our guide now.

Selecting Your Hero

The first thing we all have to do before starting our Soulworker Urban Strategy gameplay is choose a character or hero. The Soulworker Urban Strategy tier list comprises different types of characters with different skills, but first, the game only provides you with three characters in your hands.

You can select a hero from Haru Estia, Lily Bloommerchecn, and Jin Seipatsu heroes, and they all have very different capabilities and skills in the game as follows.

  • Haru Estia – this is a character that wields a sword in the game, and she can slash her enemies. This hero is well known for her stable skills as well as for her versatile qualities. In terms of defense, Haru becomes a very powerful hero in the Soulworker Urban Strategy gameplay.

Selecting Your Hero

  • Lily Bloommerchen – Lily is a well-skilled damage dealer in this game, and she can cover a large scope with these damage skills. And on the other hand, she does prefer to launch her attacks by being in the right spot at the right time. A great AOE attacking skill is associated with this hero, and if you want to have some perfect attacks, use Lily for your gameplay.

Selecting Your Hero

  • Jin Sipatsu – Jin is also having great area attack skills with himself, and on the other hand, he is very faster than other heroes in this game. His main weapon is the Gauntlets, and Jin has the capacity to strike from all directions. And through that, he will be able to make the most critical hits to the enemies.

Selecting Your Hero

Selecting a Role

Based on your need for combat, the role that you select from the Soulworker Urban Strategy champions should also be changed. So for this, you need to have a thorough understanding of the roles of your champions, and in total, there are four of them available.

  • Tanker – this role will excel better in terms of protecting your team. The tankers have the best CC skills with them.

Selecting a Role

  • Bruiser – bruiser is the melee role in this game, and he is a fighter who does better in defense as well as the attack

  • Dealer – dealers are great at doing damages.

  • Supporter – supporter role is there to heal your team, and they also have some of the utility skills and any other supporting skills that help a team

Since these champions are going to be included in your team, you must focus on selecting the best role that works best for you. Together, we can put three champions for a team, so it is better if you can include one champion from each of these roles to become better at the Soulworker Urban Strategy gameplay.

What are Soul Stones?

Soul stones are the ones that you will use to summon your champions to the squad, and these are also used to awaken the champions. If you have awakened the champions, it means they are going to have more enhancements with more skills applied to themselves.

Go through the Tutorial

Just like many other gacha games, Soulworker Urban Strategy is also taking you through a tutorial when you first start the game. This is an option that can be considered optional, but still, we prefer if you can go through the tutorial because it offers you a chance to earn rewards.

The tutorial phase can be long, and sometimes you may find it boring as well. But at the end of it, there will be a guaranteed reward, so you better have your chance to earn it. Since you are a newbie player, it will always be better to have a chance to earn rewards as they can contribute well towards our gameplay. 

Summoning Heroes

To continue with your Soulworker Urban Strategy gameplay, you can also summon your heroes, and there are three types of summoning options that we can get along with here.

Summoning Heroes

The first one is the Free Conjuring summoning, and this is a total free summoning option. Once you have used this option, you may have to wait until several minutes have passed to use it again.

Then there is another summoning option named Gold Conjuring. Unlike Free Conjuring, this is not free, and you will have to spend gold for this. Doing this can allow you to earn your team a Bruiser, Tank, Supporter, or Dealer unit. This can be done for one time, and it will require 2000 gold to spend. And on the other hand, there is also a ten-times summoning option available with this method, and it will cost you 20000 gold.

Red Gem Conjuring is the last summoning option that you can use from the Soulworker Urban Strategy game, and you will have to spend a red gem to do this. A single time will require you to spend 75 red gems, while there will be a 10+1 option available for you with a cost of 750 red gems. The same roles like you earn from the Gold Conjuring can be earned here.

Soulworker Urban Strategy Combat Overview

Let’s now look into the combat of this game. Your hero team will fight automatically in the Soulworker Urban Strategy combat, and both champions and the heroes will fight together here with no control from your hands. In the combat, we can see two types of activities involved: monster hunting as well as the PVP.

Monster hunting is there in the combat to go on hunting for more and more monsters, and you can fight with more monsters, bosses, and raid bosses here. Each hunting will offer you more benefits, and we will get into them later in this guide.

Soulworker Urban Strategy Combat Overview

And then there is the PVP section, and you will be attacking other players. Here, you can try to loot other’s resources by attacking them, and you can also try to destroy the other player’s basetown. But it can only be done when you are in the wild areas. If you want, you can also try to invade other’s fights so you can steal their loot when you are in the wild areas.

The PVP section is going to be applied with three main rules here. So if you decide to go on Soulworker Urban Strategy PVPs, then you better be aware of them as:

  • You will not be able to attack other players whenever you are in the safe area

  • If you want to loot the basetown of others, you can only do it when you are in the Alert Area

  • Intruding to fights with others and destroying their basetown can be done when you are in the wild area

Types of Damages

In all of these, you need to note that there are three types of damages that you will deal with in your heroes and from the champions. Before going into combat, you better be aware of them as well.

  • Physical damage – this is going to be defined by the physical attack power of one character and another character’s physical defense.

  • True Damage – this damage is going to be applied from any defense.

  • Magic Damage – this will be based on one character’s magic spell power with another’s magic resistance.

Understanding the Resources

Resources are vital for your Soulworker Urban Strategy gameplay because they are required to progress through the game. Let’s have a look at the resources.

  • Energy – energy will be used when you are on a mission. Whenever you are trying to loot from enemies and hunt monsters, this energy will be used, and when it reaches a lower level than its maximum, it will have a slow recovery. The maximum recovery speed, as well as the energy, will be based on the level of your Town Hall.

  • Iron / Plywood / Copper – these are known to be the general resources in this game, and they can be used to research and upgrade your facilities, as well as for gear forging from your game. These are also again divided into two types: safe and unsafe resources. Safe doesn’t allow others to loot them, and unsafe resources make it possible to be looted by others.

  • Electricity – electricity is mainly used in the facility for its machining, smelting, crafting, and many more

  • Donut – you can use donuts for nutrition lumps crafting, and you will find them mostly from the food factories.

Know Your Currencies

We have three types of currencies that can be used for different purposes of the Soulworker Urban Strategy gameplay as follows.

Know Your Currencies

  • Gold – gold is considered the global currency of this game, and you can earn more of them through quests as a reward, through monster loots, and by selling your junk items. If you want more, you can also visit the shop as well because here you can buy more gold as a package.

  • Blue Gem – this gem is the one you will require to be involved within the marketplace of this game, and you will have to sell items from the marketplace to take these gems more. And just like gold, you can also buy more from the shop.

  • Red Gem – this is also a global currency in this game, and you need to follow up with quests to earn more of these rewards. The shop is also another method to buy them more.

Visit the Shop for More Benefits

The shop is where the Soulworker Urban Strategy game holds several benefits that can help you to proceed through the gameplay. There you can earn more red gems, packages, as well as costumes. There is also an option to buy more currencies, convenience items, and combat boosters through this shop.

Visit the Shop for More Benefits

So, when you are a beginner, please don’t forget to visit this shop at least once when you have the capacity to spend more because it gives you more perks. And you better note that there is also a section called Gruton there, and if you are ready to spend so much more red gems, then you can earn more valuable treasures from this separate Gruton’s Treasure shop.

Sell Your Items for More Gold

If you want more gold, please make sure that you sell the items that your character owns in this game. Since gold is a precious treasure to be used at many parts of this game, having a chance to earn more of them will always help you do better in Soulworker Urban Strategy for sure.

You can tap on your character icon from the game and see what items your hero holds, and there you can select one and then sell it for more gold. We strongly recommend that every beginner follow this method as that is how you can all do better for the game from the first chance.

Visit the Marketplace for More Power

If you want to increase your heroes' potential and powers, the best method you can follow in the Soulworker Urban Strategy will be to enhance them with more weapons. In terms of weapons, you have different types of them available in this game as artifacts, armor, accessories, materials, as well as the blueprint, and these all can be used other than your main weapon. So, how are you going to do this? It is by visiting the marketplace.

Visit the Marketplace for More Power

Based on your main weapon, you can do as many enhancements for your characters here, and please note that this becomes very useful when you are following through with the missions. You get more power, and through that, you are going to have more success.

Beat as much as Monsters as You Can

There are three types of monsters or enemies that you will meet in this game, and beating each of them comes with its own benefits to the Soulworker Urban Strategy gameplay. First, it is about monsters.

If you beat more and more monsters from this game, then you will earn more loot as well as experience, and if you can beat bosses, you will be rewarded with more rare loot. On the other hand, while you are beating these bosses, you can also try to sneak into the fights of others. Through that, you are going to have more chances to steal more loot from that wild area as well.

And for the third, it is about beating the raid bosses. They are going to provide you with the rarer loot, and there will be a time limit to beat them. You can see all the heroes will take these fights at once.

Make a Guild for More Gameplay Benefits

Once you have reached level 20 and above, you can create a guild in this Soulworker Urban Strategy game, and any of the guilds you can see from the list can be applied. There is no limit to applying here and taking part in these guilds is highly recommended if you really want to progress faster through the game.

Make a Guild for More Gameplay Benefits

By joining a guild, you will be able to:

  • Share your sight

  • Take part in guild quests

  • Share your gameplay tips, teamwork as well as the friendship

  • Ability to take conflict, guild contests as well as the war


So, this is it for the Soulworker Urban Strategy guide and tips. So are you ready to be the best? Then follow up on all these guides and tips as they can help you become better, and if you struggle as a beginner, follow all the recommendations. You are going to master your game to the best for sure.

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