Overwhelm your Enemies with your Superior Aim | Sensitivity Guides For Garena Free Fire

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Overwhelm your Enemies with your Superior Aim | Sensitivity Guides + Other Settings You Should Know About For Garena Free Fire


Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale game developed and published by Garena International. The game has recently gotten its Cobra update, which brings an embargo of new content and a ton of new characters that have added a sense of newfound depth to the game. Alongside the new update, Garena Free Fire’s Battle Royale mode is filled to the brim with unique characters and loot that have helped accentuate the game to the realms of popularity.


Here is everything you need to know to improve your Aim and how you can get a perfect sensitivity.


Understanding Your Aim:


Two factors mainly determine your Aim. Firstly, how you move your crosshair and secondly, the speed at which you can move your crosshair. Battle Royale games are generally extremely fast-paced. So, there is a low chance that you will need to have a very precise sensitivity. Rather, you should probably have one that relies on flicking but is quite slow on ADS’ing.


Therefore, your general sensitivity should be high. A high sensitivity entails that your general movement and crosshair placement should be quick enough to easily play flick shots. If that is not the case, you probably have a lower sensitivity.


Finding the Perfect Sensitivity:


Before you start practicing your Aim, you need to make sure your sensitivity is just right. For finding the perfect sensitivity, your first outlook should be to instantly enter the Practice Range. The practice range contains a lot of utility for you to be able to improve your Aim. To find the perfect sensitivity in Garena Free Fire, you need to start taking turns from a 0-degree angle and then move your entire self around.


After doing so, one rotation should make a 360-degree complete turn. You should then enter the practice range and start shooting targets. You should increase your sensitivity if you are over-shooting at targets and decrease sensitivity if you end up over-shooting. In any case, you should start getting comfortable with your new aiming sensitivity instantly.


Overwhelm your Enemies with your Superior Aim | Sensitivity Guides + Other Settings You Should Know About For Garena Free Fire


Unlike a tactical shooter, a Battle Royale demands less mechanical and crosshair movement. Therefore, having a higher sensitivity allows you to check corners and angles much more aggressively. Do note that you will lose some precision in longer ranges due to your higher sensitivity. So, you can always have a lower sensitivity when you are scoped in. While this may confuse your aiming inherently, you should get used to it as this is the best method to play. Having a lower scope sensitivity allows for more precise movements while also letting you have better flick shots due to your high inherent sensitivity.


Lean and Fire:


Overwhelm your Enemies with your Superior Aim | Sensitivity Guides + Other Settings You Should Know About For Garena Free Fire


Leaning is also another important mechanic for aiming that a lot of players miss out on. You can learn from one structure to the other, which only reveals your head. You can then corner quite effectively by using this mechanic. While this may help you in long-range fights, you can always take advantage of this by peeking corners and pre-aiming. Make sure that this makes you extremely slow in some cases.


So, you should have your flank covered before you start leaning and peaking. Another effective mechanic is to crouch shoot. If you do it at a proper interval, you will be able to dodge some projectiles and headshots while also making sure that your crosshair is much smaller than intended, which leads to reduced recoil in almost all cases.


Running and Gunning:


Perhaps the most annoying mechanic to deal with, especially if it happens to you, running and gunning is a very legitimate strategy in Garena Free Fire due to the amount of success you can expect from doing so. While most players would argue against it as it generally leaves you very vulnerable, you can end up surprising the enemy if you time it right. Do note that your crosshair placement won't matter as much when you run and gun.


What matters in these situations is the gun you choose and the recoil spread of that gun when running. In these cases, an SMG is your best bet, while an AR might be quite demanding to use in certain situations, especially when running and gunning. You can also effectively run and gun with a Shotgun. However, that only makes sense in extremely tight corners, which is not usually the most common fighting scenario.


Aiming your Projectiles:


Overwhelm your Enemies with your Superior Aim | Sensitivity Guides + Other Settings You Should Know About For Garena Free Fire


Another part of getting better at aiming in Garena Free Fire is for you to land your projectiles better. Grenades and Molotovs are powerful and lethal weapons that can shred down enemies if used properly. In most cases, players either do not use them or are unaware of how to aim them.


Generally, a Grenade or Molotov will go in a parabolic fashion. What this means is that you should be aiming high up while cooking your grenade. Make sure that your shot aligns with the place you want your grenade to land. Your Aim should be above your head in most cases when you cook the grenade.


After you get better at throwing projectiles, you can bounce your grenade or throwable off structures and projectiles for you to be able to land them in places you could not reach prior.




Garena Free Fire is an adrenaline-pumping Battle Royale. In this game, your Aim can make or break the situation. Whenever you queue for a match, you should spend some time in the practice range to fix any inconsistencies you might have in your Aim. After you feel like your Aim has warmed up completely, you should start queueing for your Battle Royale Match.


To keep your Aim steady, try not to panic. The worst thing that can happen is that you might die early. If that ends up happening, you can simply queue for the next match with no trouble.

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