Sausage Man Rank List Updated 2022


Sausage Man was introduced as a MOBA game which will be a game that makes you go through several battle royale features, and it was more like an alternative for the PUBG and Free Fire. The reason is that it comes with a ranking system and gives players a ranking system where we need to go through the lowest for a high. When talking about this ranking system, we can see that a total of 7 ranks are lying in the game; that is what we will talk about in this guide. This will be the updated guide for the Sausage Man rank list.






The sausage Man ranking system has been specially made for the players who want to increase their ranks in the gameplay, and it shows many similarities to the other online games. Ranks have a special role that makes you progress through the gameplay, and it is one of the iconic features held by the game to make players more attracted to it.


So let’s look into the Sausage Man rank list, and let’s better understand what they are. Here we will briefly understand the Sausage Man ranking system, and let’s identify the exact method for getting into the highest rank. So no more talking, and let’s get back to the topic as follows.


What Are the Ranks in this Sausage Man?

The Sausage Man rank system can be called a unique feature that is included in the game and has several levels. These levels define the entire player set as the beginner and as the experienced players. So it is basically a ranking system that will categorize the ranking levels of the veteran players and the starters. Rank is also an achievement you can have on this game where it is a must to have in a MOBA game.


If a player manages to have the right system of ranking in the game, they can meet the other same rank leveled players, and it will form a balanced skill set for the gameplay. We can see a total of seven ranks for this game, and they also come with several price ranges as follows.


Bronze Sausage Rank 


This is the lowest rank of the Sausage Man, and it will be filled primarily by beginners or new users. This rank Bronze is resembling a pan of chocolate by itself. There are five levels we can be seen with this Bronze rank, and they are as follows.


  • Bronze - I
  • Bronze – III
  • Bronze - II
  • Bronze - V
  • Bronze - IV



Silver Sausage Rank 


This is our next ranked sausage rank in the game, and it holds the second position of the ranking system. on this rank, the players are already being enriched with some good playing skills and abilities. And also, within this rank, players are symbolizing with a silver gun to the game. The level of the gun will be the same as the Bronze with a consistent of 5 levels. Those five levels are known as follows.


  • Silver - I
  • Silver – III
  • Silver – II
  • Silver - V
  • Silver - IV


This rank of the game holding the ranking points coming around 1500 to 1999. So it is pretty good on the game.



Gold Sausage Rank


Gild Sausage Rank holds the third tier ranking with this ranking system, symbolizing the shotgun of gold-colored. Shotguns are effective for combat usage as a weapon, and they have an excellent battle capacity. Players can see five levels within this rank as follows.


  • Gold – I
  • Gold - III
  • Gold – II
  • Gold - V
  • Gold - IV


These all five levels are holding the points starting around from 2000 to 2499.



Platinum Sausage Rank 


This rank is coming next to the Gold one, and it holds the capacities and the skills of the game ranking system for fourth place. So literally, this is tier 4 in the ranking system. Platinum Sausage Rank symbolizes through the SMG weapon, and this SMG is described as the Submachine Gun.


Submachine Gun has effective skills in killing opponents at combats. So this is more useful regarding the close combat battles of the game. You can use it for the battles as an effective methodology to earn the victory as well.


The five levels coming under this Platinum Sausage Rank are as follows.


  • Platinum - II
  • Platinum – I
  • Platinum - IV
  • Platinum - III
  • Platinum - V


These all are holding a range of rankling points starting from 2500 to 2999.


Diamond Sausage Rank


Diamond Sausage Rank is the 5th place of the tier within the ranking system, which is not as easy as the previous levels. Here, players will face many challenges and challenging phases regarding the winning battles, and there are more difficulties on this rank. Most of the Diamond Sausage Rank is filed with some pro players who own the skills above form the average.


Rank Diamond Sausage symbolizes the AKM weapons or the Rifle type of weapons within the game, and the total rankings coming under this rank are 3000 to 3499. These total ranks have to achieve within this mentioned range. The five levels coming under this rank are as follows.


  • Diamond - I
  • Diamond - V
  • Diamond – III
  • Diamond - II
  • Diamond - IV



Master Sausage Rank


Master Sausage Rank is a type of rank that holds a collection of mastery players within it for the game. Because of this reason, this Master Sausage Rank is having more difficulties in the game. And those are so hard to achieve by the players. This is the 6th place on the ranking system of the Sausage Man, and it has five levels coming under the rank as follows.


  • Master – I
  • Master - III
  • Master - V
  • Master - II
  • Master - IV


Pinnacle Rank


Pinnacle rank is the highest and the 7th place within the ranking system of Sausage Man. Only a few players are passing the capabilities to get this title because it is so hard to deal with this stage. This rank is so hard on any player, and even they are the masteries to achieve.


In addition to the difficulties on this Pinnacle Rank, it symbolizes the AWM weapons. Those are identified as the long-ranged weapons in the game. You will not be going to see any kind of tiers of the levels within the Pinnacle Rank, and players are tasked to do one thing in here. All players are required to collect more than 4000 points within this rank of the game.


More about Pinnacle Rank and the method of reaching it can be viewed from here.


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What is the Highest Rank in Sausage Man?

We can identify the Pinnacle rank as the highest rank for this game. It comes before the Legendary rank from Sausage Man. It is not easy to reach this Pinnacle rank since it requires so much knowledge and skills than you usually have in the game, making this Pinnacle rank way higher than the other ranks. 


To reach for this Pinnacle rank, we need to earn 4000 points as a total mark for the gameplay. 


How to Get the Legendary Rank in Sausage Man?

The Legendary rank can be obtained by having 4000 points, just like the Pinnacle rank. It means that if you own 4000 points for the game, you will be moved to the Legendary rank, which comes right after the Pinnacle rank. 



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So here are all the details regarding the Sausage Man ranks, and all the seven ranks are listed here with their respective levels. It is now time to reach each with your maximum efforts and become a pro by reaching each rank.

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