Raid Shadow Legends 4.30 Patch Release – 28th May 2021

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Raid Shadow Legends, the Plarium Global Ltd’s RPG, is no on the action with 13 different factions in the Teleria World. Choose to fight within Darkness or the Forces of Evil by using those classes with factions and get a chance to feature the epic raids. Play the quests, daily events, and storyline within the game to enjoy the amazement of the game, and now it is coming with the newest patch release 4.30.


Raid Shadow Legends 4.30 Patch Release – 28th May 2021


Now you have the chance to download Raid Shadow Legends on PC . This 4.30 patch note will be released into the gaming world by the next month, and here are the features brought by this new update.


Team Presets


From the first day this game launched to the gaming world, most players have asked for the QOL feature. The requested QOL feature will let them select their teams and save them for the PVP and PVE battles. So now this feature has launched to the game by succeeding our all hopes. Now, this feature can pre-determine your champion’s behavior automatically, and it will tweak the champion’s prioritization of skills.


Improvements for the Auto-Battle


Epic Seven is adding a new checkbox to the game and so that players can start a battle for both Clan Boss and Arenas in an automatic mode. This is an additional set of the game, so you need to decide where you will start the battle and determine whether it is a manual mode or automatic mode. 


Sorting out Champions through their rarity Level


This is a filter for the champions, and it is going to be available for the tavern. This will be in your collection, and it happens when a player starts to select champions for battles.


A New Update


There were previous announcements that said that the 4.30 patch note would bring up the 10x summon button. However, it has been postponed to the 4.40 patch release due to some technical specifies.


Raid Shadow Legends with LDPlayer


We all know that the recruiting system of all RPG games takes a reroll method to offer the best heroes. It is affecting the same to the raid Shadow Legends as well. However, this process is a somewhat long and waiting process, and it doesn’t assure you to give high performed heroes at once. So if you want to continue with the normal reroll process, you will have to wait for a long time to earn your best hero.


There is no point in waiting when you have the LDPlayer, and it allows you to have several rerolls from several copies of your emulator. It is called Multi-Instance Sync Feature, and it will let you do multiple rerolls at the same time to earn the best heroes quickly. So, why wasting time on regular rerolls? Let’s get the best results with LDPlayer.


Also, check out Raid Shadow gaming tips to improve your gaming with a better performance.




Raid Shadow Legends gives our players opportunities to have some improvements in the game and adjustments to the champions. These all will surely help you improve the gaming, and it is now your time to enjoy it to its max.

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