Punishing Gray Raven X Nier: Automata Collaboration Event Guide


Together with its 1st Anniversary, Punishing Gray Raven is celebrating by having a collaboration with a very popular IP: Nier: Automata and brings to all players special event stages, event shop, event specific log-in event, and 3 Special Collaboration Limited Timed Constructs: 9S , A2 and 2B.

Join us in this guide and find out what the new 1st Anniversary Collaboration Event for Punishing Gray Raven has in store, how you can get 9S, A2 and 2B, what is their kit and power and should you spend your precious Black Cards on the specially designed 1st Anniversary banner.

Let’s play Punishing Gray Raven on PC and find out.


LDPlayer - The Perfect Engine to Play

Punishing Gray Raven is an extremely detailed game that requires players to have fast and precise input in order to deal the most amount of damage and clear stages. Due to this, many people might find playing the game on mobile hard to control and might want to opt for playing the game on PC, which allows for faster processing time and easier controls.

LDPlayer is the perfect choice for these players as it not only allows for high Graphics options and 120 FPS gameplay, it also supports the game itself with its specially designed key-mapping function for action games such as Punishing Gray Raven, helping players be able to play the game simply through the keyboard.

Punishing Gray Raven 1st Anniversary Event - Nier:Automata Collaboration

Being held from July 4th for the duration of 1 and a half months, Punishing Gray Raven is celebrating its 1st Anniversary by crossing over with the universe of Nier with the special collaboration with Nier:Automata.

This special Event brings a special event with farming stages, a special log-in bonus and 3 new Constructs: 9S, A2 and 2B. Of the 3 new constructs, 2 of them are free (9S can be obtained from the Special Log-In Event; A2 can be obtained through exchanging constructs shards in the event shop).

Special Farming Stages and Event Shop

During the Event Duration, Special Farming Stages will be available for all players to farm. The main goal of the event is essentially to farm as much Event Currencies as possible from these Stages in order to exchange for the special rewards from the shop, notable of which are A2 and her special alternate skin.

Special Login Event

During the special Nier:Automata collaboration, a 14 days Login campaign will be held that provides many useful resources needed to upgrade your constructs. Among these rewards, you will get the chance to obtain the Event Exclusive Construct 9S for Free together with his Alternate Skin. Be sure to log in at least 14 days during the event’s 40 days duration in order to ensure that you get this free construct.

Special Rated Up Collaboration Banners

Together with the collaboration Event, comes the 3 special banners for all 3 of the Special Collaboration Constructs : 9S, A2 and 2B. Among the 3, 2B is only available through this special gacha banner and can only be obtain by getting a 6* from the banner.

Like other rate up banners, all 3 banners have a 100% chance to get a 6* S Rank Construct that is rated up and a 60 pulls pity. Meaning, by pulling 60 times on one of the 3 banners, players will be guaranteed the specific rated up Construct of your choice.

For the special collaboration banners, new gacha currencies are introduced : The Collaboration Construct Ticket and The Collaboration R&D Weapon Ticket. 

For every 10 pulls, The Nier:Automata Collaboration banner will return a set amount of Black Cards, allowing players to do more pulls and lessen the amount of Black Cards needed for the pity from 15000 Black Cards to 10500 Black Cards.

Nier:Automata Collaboration Characters - Should You Pull

As these specially rated up characters are collaboration characters, meaning they won’t be available in the game unless there’s a rerun, it is worth examining their power and kit relative to the game’s meta in order to determine if you should invest heavily on the collaboration banners.



The supporter and healer of the group, 9S is a support role character capable of healing the allies with his 3-pings and keeping them alive for the entire duration of the battle.

9S uniqueness comes from the fact that unlike other constructs, 9S’ orbs are generated overtime, even when he’s not on the field, meaning if you need healing or if you need some extra orbs to attack, 9S can be easily switched in and you can use all of his orbs immediately.

In addition, 9S’ yellow orbs have the special ability to Halt enemies, similar to A Liv’s Yellow Orbs, allowing him to crowd control and slow down enemies’ battle movement while increasing the team’s power and damage output.

When he is on field, he will be granted special Clockwork Energy, allowing him to change his Orbs into Clockwork Orbs, making his damage more powerful and replenishes his orbs options more quickly. When off field, he can activate his QTE and heal allies equal to 100% of his attack.


A2, despite being a Tank class Construct, is the backbone and the main DPS of the Nier team, dealing the most damage out of the team and is the one out on the field for most of the battle’s duration.

A2’s kit mainly revolves around having her build up Ultimate Energy quickly in order to enter her Ultimate mode as quickly as possible. Once she has activated her Ultimate, she will enter the Berserk mode, making her extremely powerful and durable.

While in Berserk Mode, A2’s movement speed, attack power, defensive power and shield are all boosted. In addition, all of her normal attacks’ damage are boosted, her 3-ping orbs will emit electric shocks, dealing 150% of her attack to surrounding enemies. However, Berserk Mode will consume 4% of her energy gauge or her HP every second that she is in Berserk Mode and will remain until her HP falls to 60%. This effect will persist even if players switch her out.


2B’s main role in the team is that of a sub-dps, despite her being a man attacker type Construct. The power of 2B lies on her Leader Skill and her unique mobility, allowing her to dodge most attacks from enemies with ease while dealing massive amounts of damage in the process.

2B’s Leader skill boosts Nier team’s Physical damage by 8% and grants the team 25 Energy at the battle start. This energy boost is extremely essential to the Nier team as it means that A2 - the main dps- can enter Berserk Mode almost immediately, increasing the whole team’s damage output.

2B’s other utility comes from her Yellow 3-Ping Orbs as it applies an effect that reduces enemies’ attack by an impressive 60%, making their attacks essentially worthless against her. Couple that with the fact that 2B always has Super Armor on herself and you will get a good tank character for the Nier team that can be switched in at any time in order to tank hits.

Should You Pull

Yes, absolutely. But only on the 2B banner if you don’t have enough resources. As stated above, both 9S and A2 are free during the event duration, only 2B needed to be obtained through the gacha banner. So it is essential that you at least obtain 1 copy of 2B from the gacha for collection purposes and to complete the Nier Team.

If you have resources to pull on all 3 banners, it is also recommended that you get all 3 Nier Constructs to SS Rank at least as at SS Rank, all 3 Nier Constructs receive huge buffs that allow them to be even more consistent and powerful.

It is important to note that, since this is a collaboration banner, all of these Constructs will not be available again unless Punishing Gray Raven decides to once again collaborate with Nier:Automata. Therefore, this might become a 1 time only banner in the game’s history and you should absolutely have at least 1 of each Collaboration Characters to add to your collection.


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