Punishing Gray Raven a Detailed Guide to Pain Cage and its Bosses

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Punishing Gray Raven is a hack and slash ACG developed by Kuro game and has gained traction in the mobile gaming industry since its conception of 2019. The gameplay features high-speed combat and top-notch mechanics in which matching color coding of orbs to activate the skills is becoming popular.


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Punishing - Gray Raven Intro


There are several end-game modes in Punishing: Gray Raven, one which we have covered already in detail, called the Warzone, which is a Black Card farming mode. Warzone is a team endeavor where you clear waves and waves of monsters to get the highest scores possible depending on how good you play, which rewards you with multiple supplies. One of these is the blue currency form which you can get memories from the shop, which costs about 500 for each memory.


Phantom Pain Cage:


Today we will be covering the Phantom Pain Cage mode. Phantom Pain Cage mode is like Raids in other games where you fight Bosses to get greater loot. Phantom Pain Cage mode is a very interesting mode as this is kind of like a Boss battle. Some of these bosses you are introduced to in the Campaign mode.


Punishing Gray Raven Pain Cage Menu


Weekly Rotation:


At the moment there are 2 of these available every week. 1st Group Alpha shows Vassago, Knight, and Group beta, which shows unknown Construct alpha, Test. This can change every week as different bosses for each week.




If you go into the menu, you can see that you need to progress step by step here. This boss has different Tiers, which are;


  • Test
  • Elite
  • Knight
  • Chaos
  • Hell


Conditions and Rules:


There are conditions for every Tier, like targets, which, if you complete, you are awarded higher scores than you normally would. For example, at the Knight Tier, the 3rd Tier, you need to deploy at least two constructs.


Before you start any Pain Cage stage, you need to get into the battle preparations menu to ready your party for the Battle. In the preparations, you can see that you have AP associated with each of your Constructs. For example, AP 3/5 means that for every week, you can use each character five times in the Pain Cage mode, and the 3 here means you have only three uses of that Construct left for the Pain Cage stages.


There are two bosses for this week, and each boss has five modes, which means if you finish one mode with the same team, you cannot use the same team n the second boss. Ultimately meaning that you need to build more teams.




There are a couple of strategies that you could do to make your way through it by just using 2 constructs, like using the worst ones upfront, meaning using the lower power constructs in the early stages while the powerful ones in the later ones. The main theme of each Battle in Pain Cage is to learn the boss pattern like in most souls' games.


Scoring and Rewards:


You get a score at the end of the stage depending on how much damage you did, how much HP you had, and how much time was left. After each Battle, if you press save score, it will consume 1 AP from each of the characters used. Here you can do this Battle unlimited times to get the best score before committing with the save score. After you save the score, you can proceed to the next Tier.


By completing the Phantom Cage mode stages, you get shards as a reward, which you can use in its particular shop to buy shards of different constructs.


There is a leader board for the Paincage scores, you get rewards by the end of the week, some extra shards.


Pain Cage Bosses:


Below is the complete list of Bosses that you can fight in the Pain Cage mode;


Punishing Gray Raven Pain Cage Team


  • Leon
  • Vasak
  • Roland
  • Tifa
  • Musashi
  • Dark Camu
  • Rosetta
  • Alpha
  • Pig
  • Gabriel
  • Amberia
  • Huaxu
  • Shakespeare


Let’s talk in detail about some of the bosses we think are more interesting and fun and difficult at the same time.




Vassago can Blast Air at the opponents furiously at a distance, multiple fire blasts, and anyone caught in these blasts will receive tons of damage. At the same time, if he sees them nearby, Vassago slams the ground multiple times, giving the opponents little space to move around easily.


Punishing Gray Raven Pain Cage Vassago


At the start of this stage, the bug comes out and screams sand at you. He charges up like sucking air before lunging at you and slams its while serpentine body. He will repeat this a few times, a perfect attack to dodge easily. He can also make a ranged attack called Furious Air Blasts Skill. After a certain number of lives are depleted, he can summon minions and retreats into the ground, and only returns with a surprise after you have defeated the minions.


The next time after summoning his minions, he doesn't retreat; this is when he is dangerous as you have a few minions to contend with other than Vassago. Pilgrim Enhanced are his minions.


Musashi IX:


He fought alongside humans against the punishing Virus until the end. Now it walks upon the abandoned ruins of civilization as Corrupted, but for some reason, it has kept the clumsy bandaging that a kind-hearted civilization once gave him.


He can scorch the battleground and change its shape, which will quickly damage enemies. He has x29 health bars. His first attack is the slash which sends out an energy wave while he can lunge forward to attack you. As soon as he is near, he starts swinging with his giant sword. He is a slow mover giving you enough time to land some attacks if your hero is a ranged DPS.


Whenever he attacks, he takes a long windup, giving you enough time to do the perfect dodge. The most dangerous part for this boss is when he phases out and flashes across the battlefield. After every few seconds, his visage strikes you leaving no time to avoid his attacks which puts a bleed effect on you. After three visage attacks, he returns and jabs you with his giant sword.


Remember, whenever he is making his strong attacks, that is the time that you do perfect dodge and start the supercomputing space.




Butler robot was once used by the upper class, faithfully following its masters' orders. Employing a rapier in Battle, it's graceful and dangerous at equal measures. But now, after being corrupted, whenever he sees danger, he sends out multiple shadows to impale the enemies while dealing heavy damage to them. Some unwary folks, who think he is still a butler, let their guard down, and that's their downfall. Roseblade sends them a Devil Kiss perfected in his times of solitude and creates rose-shaped energy fields beneath the enemy that explodes.


Roseblade normally starts with his Devil Kiss skill to create an aura around him, so you get damaged when you are in that field of effect. As it is a slow activation skill, you get to do a perfect dodge at the very start of the stage. When he is out of the space, he gracefully swings his sword while remaining in his stance. Next, he uses his Shadow Strike ability and bows down to activate to thank you for participating in Battle while multiple shadows burst out in a circle impaling you along the way.


Without giving you a moment’s notice, he jabs out with his rapier and swiftly moves towards you on the battlefield. If you’re not careful, he might pass through you. After the jab, he again uses Devil Kiss and walks slowly in a catlike fashion towards you. He uses his skills frequently whenever he has the opportunity.




He slashes forward with his sword twice, if you perfect dodge the first slash, you enter supercomputing space, and during that transition, the second slash is ineffective. If you damage for too long, he’ll slide away to begin anew. With that slide, he summons energy and sends forward a powerful barrage of slashes that pushes out a tornado of slashes.


He changes between modes of his sword quite frequently between a sword and a whip, a section of blades connected by a steel thread. This is similar to what Baikugan looks like n Bleach Anime. Sometimes, if you are far off, he can jump up and slams down where you would stand with all his force and one swift motion; he jumps away as soon as he just hit the ground with his weapon. Right after that, he uses his Baikugan mode and uses it to traverse the battleground like either Tarzan with his rope or Spiderman with his Sling. And sometimes, while traversing like this, he can bombard the ground with blasts from his sawed-off gun.


Punishing Gray Raven Pain Cage Roseblade




She is an alien structure that belongs to the forest Rangers in the south of the bay. She has become the current leader of the organization and is now in a deep relationship with Drake. She can transform the battlefield and knows when her enemies attack, while her skills can randomly change the frequency of her attacks.


Rosetta is your angel in the sky who has fallen from grace. She is an agile boss; she will dodge your strikes as best as she can. The first time she attacks, she dives into the exact location where you are and uses her sword to attack. You can be ready as soon as she pauses for a moment to strike; that's when you need to be prepared to dodge. She swings her sword so fast that it creates a wave of pure energy, which she sends towards you.


Similarly, she can do the same again, but she sends three slashes of energy forth this time. After that, she lunges forward and jabs with her sword, followed by a slash. A few times, she can lodge some seeker rockets at you, which you try to avoid while she starts attacking you.


Punishing Gray Raven Phantom Pain Cage Rosetta




Also called Torture Maiden, Tifa is the second boss in the story who becomes a Boss that you can fight in the Pain Cage game mode. Before becoming infected, she was part of a team like Gray Raven. In love with her commander, she could not bear his death and accepted Roland's offer to make her stronger. The operation corrupted the rest of his team and turned her into the Torture Maiden.


The Gray Raven team took her down at the end of chapter 2 after the team ran into some problems with the Cerberus Team, a rival team. The actual Pain Cage, who is always on his toes to dodge your attacks. He can release his Coffins, which looks like a torture chamber, nails in a small area around him to damage opponents. After some attacks, the actual queen comes out in all her Glory to start attacking you with waves upon waves of dark spears falling from the sky.


Punishing Gray Raven Pain Cage Tifa




The end-game of Punishing: Gray Raven has many modes for you to progress and loot from. We have already talked about Warzone in another of our articles. In this guide, you have read about the Pain Cage mode in which you fight Bosses from the campaign. In Summary to the article, Bosses in Pain Cage all have different patterns, like other Demon Souls games in which you have to predict their pattern and dodge them to give you a window of opportunity in the Supercomputing Space, which is activated by Dodging Perfectly. The benefit of being in this state is that time slows down, a single Skill orb counts as three Pings worth, and you can activate multiple combos along with calling in your teammate via the QTE.

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