Punishing Gray Raven Gunslinger Guide to Lee's Variants

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Punishing Gray Raven is a fast-paced action RPG game with many unique characters you can choose from and collect from the Gacha. All of these characters have different abilities and elements they control. Even if they are Variants of the same main character, their abilities differ wildly, making them completely new characters.


If you are someone who’s looking for a character that fights at range and deals tons of devastating damage and is very fluid in its playstyle, Lee is the Structure for you. In PGR, Both Variants of Lee are fast-paced ranged DD having quite an extensive range making your fights a lot easier as you can stay far from the enemies. If you choose Lee as your main attacker, you'll be using him for a month or two months at least a new banner comes along.


In this guide, we go over the skills and abilities of both S and A-Rank Lee Structures in detail while discussing their combos and general way of playing and eventually deciding on which one to choose so that you have a clear picture to choose an S-Rank from the selector token after you’ve chosen one of them. No matter what you choose, have fun with the game, as the more you practice with your chosen Ravens, the better you will get at this skill-based game. For more in-depth information on combat and other mechanics in the game, read our guides on PGR.




Lee Entropy S-Rank:


"Having exceeded standard limitations, this type is built on the interwoven mesh of past and present emotions. With an increase in computational ability, Lee is now able to handle his guns more accurately and has become the battlefield's most elite vanguard.”


Punishing Gray Raven Lee Entropy A


Lee Entropy is the first higher chance drop rate banner introduced with the global launch of the game. While he is the first banner, many players from the China/Japan Servers say that the probable upcoming banner of Alpha, the S-Rank variant of Lucia, will be outclassing and replacing Lee.


Alpha is 100% DPS just like Lee Entropy. And that’s why they are saying if you don’t pull for Lee and decide to save up for Alpha, choose him from the S-Rank selector token. Do keep in mind that Alpha, like most of the other Structures, no matter how cool or sexy, will be melee while Lee Entropy is a gunslinger and dual wielder at that. What more could you want? It’s up to you at the end which you want to choose. It will matter on the game style you prefer in the end.


Now let’s get back to the topic of our Gunslingers. Lee Entropy, an S-class Attacker Construct, is a master of burst damage, being able to overpower most enemies by unleashing strings of attacks quickly. Typically, other characters might rely heavily on QTEs to finish off foes; Lee is more than capable of defeating any opponent by himself.


Do remember that Lee will be on the rotation for a week, so you should know whether or not you are going to pull for him. As soon as you pull him, you can dump all your resources into him.


The basic gist of playing Lee Entropy is to start with 3-Ping with any orb into the Red Orb skill and use the Blue to group them up and apply Yellow to apply the debuffs that way damaging more with the rest of the kit.


In the end, it is up to you to pull on the first banner or not after reading these details about him as he is going to be power crafted pretty soon, and you got to keep that in consideration on how do you guys resist these animations, this fast-paced action, dual pistols and jumping around the map. He is just so much fun.




You can start with targeting 4-piece Barton and 2-piece Darwin. Barton 2-set increases the critical chance and physical damage by 5% while its 4-set increases the next physical attack's critical chance by 2%, for every non-critical attack dealt, stackable up to 20%. Critical chance is reset once a critical attack has landed. Physical damage increases by 5% whenever you land a critical strike for 3s, stackable up to 3 times.


While for Darwin, the 2-set piece bonus increases all damage by 3% for every orb consumed, lasts for 4s, up to 5 stacks. Darwin is going to be the best in the slot for Lee.


Stats and Background:


Elemental – Physical 100%

Health – 1915

Damage – 422

Defense – 244

Critical – 201

Service Time – 2 Years

Activ. Date – 23/07

Height – 175cm

Weight – 63kgs

Fluid Type – AB

Mental Age – 18


Skills and Abilities:


Core Passive – Any 3-Ping followed by Red Orb. Lee's Core Passive skill is triggered by a 3-orb combo followed by a red orb skill, which amplifies the effects of said red orb skill, causing him to deal extra damage with it.


In terms of his core Passive, it's the same as B-Lucia in that you need to do a 3-Ping into a Red to make some extra attacks like Lasers.


Orb Skills:


Punishing Gray Raven Lee Entropy B


Red Orb – Leaps forward and fires consecutive shots, each shot dealing 11.25 / 22.5 / 33.75 (22.5 / 45 / 67.5)% of physical damage. Immune to crowd-control and stagger during the skill animation. He dashes forward and inflicts several shots at the enemy. Lee is immune to staggers and CC during the animation of this attack.


Red Orb Skill is going to be his primary DPS skill. The thing to note about it is that it keeps you in animation for a second or so, and you can move around while casting the ability but know if you move too far, you might not hit the right target. You could also dodge while casting it, but it might stop the animation, so try not to dodge so much while using the Red orb skill.


Blue Orb – Fires a shock bomb, dealing 50 / 100 / 150 (100 / 200 / 300)% physical damage and creates an energy circle. Enemies caught within the energy circle take 12 / 24 / 36 (24 / 48 / 72)% physical damage for 3s. This skill has limited range and will detonate if the target is out of range. Launches a bomb that deals heavy damage upon exploding and creates a circle that deals damage to enemies every second for 3 seconds.


Blue Orb Skill is Lee's Support skill, along with doing AoE damage over time, but what’s great with this one, it will suck enemies into the center; that way, you can group them up to do some damage with the rest of your abilities.


Yellow Orb – Leaps forward to kick the enemy before following up with a shot, dealing 90 / 180 / 270 (180 / 360 / 540)% physical damage and marking them. An additional shot is fired when attacking a marked enemy, dealing 10/20/30(20/40/60)% physical damage—dashes up to an enemy to kick them, allowing him to shoot with a marker to them. Successive attacks to marked enemies unleash an additional shot that deals a fraction of Lee's basic ATK damage as extra damage.


Yellows are your debuff plus some extra damage ability. The way it works is that you’re going to dash into your opponent, and then you somersault out. It moves you out to maximum attack range. The debuff works every time you attack the enemy as it damages them with lightning. This debuff does work with your other abilities and core Passive.


So, to maximize the damage, you need to do a 3-ping of yellow with red, and you’re going to make so many extra attacks here from the lasers while the core passive is also proccing these lasers.


Active Abilities:


Attack – Deals a total of 385 (770) % physical damage. AA is pretty long-ranged rather than the max range for his basic attack, and he does a backflip at the end of a 3 AA combo, which knocks you back a little bit, but you end up moving forward in the long run.


QTE – Deals 300 (600) % physical DMG. Lee's QTE skill summons him into the field, where he deals heavy damage to a single enemy.


Ultimate – Consume 100 energy to call in an energy cannon. Each shot fired by this cannon deals 200 (400) % physical damage. Lee's Ultimate skill can summon a powerful cannon that deals tons of damage with every shot.


Lee's Ultimate is his siege mode skill. The Ultimate gives you control of a marker on the ground and fire lasers down on the enemies from the sky. The animation is a bit long, and it doesn't stop the time. You can use the Blue orb skill to group them up and use the Ultimate skill to start firing the lasers, but when they are all spread out, it is a bit annoying to use because the movement of the cursor is pretty slow, making it hard to move from one point to another.


This Ultimate skill is powerful for single targets like the pack leaders or bosses, as, on them, you can let the lightning stay at one place without having to worry about moving the target to multiple foes.


Passive Abilities:


Leader – 15% physical damage and 10% movement speed increase to all teammates. Already an increase over the fluidity of Lee.


Awaken – When entering the battle, get 3 signal balls (only once per battle). Good to do when you have either swapped him out to regenerate the stamina of the evades, or you’re using him as support with other primary DD.


Class Passive – Increase damage done by 10 (20) %.


SS Rank – Deal 15% more damage when attacking enemies within the energy circle.


SSS Rank – Deal 20% more damage to marked enemies.


SSS+ Rank – Physical damage is increased by 10% after a 3 orb combo. This buff lasts for 5 seconds and stacks up to 3 times.


Weapon Signature – Scale Zero




Lee is fantastic at the machine Factory because Lee is 100% physical DPS, so getting that 30% increase in physical damage due to the Stage Environment is excellent on him. But in the circle of Fire, he is not recommended if you have a Fire-based hero.


Profile Data and Secrets:


This Construct was designed and custom made for Lee to utilize his Operation skills at a higher efficiency. It was created along with the same batch of Kamui’s Construct. His perception module is enhanced, allowing Lee to control the trajectory of his shots at will and therefore increasing the precision of his shooting.  A new lock on position function is installed, along with Lee's specific Operation skills; this allows Lee to execute high-speed discernment, marking, and tracking.


Punishing Gray Raven Lee Entropy D


His new Construct's Operation module is enhanced; this module allows Lee to be even more efficient. Lee is capable of performing calculations and verifications of data in microseconds. Lee's interest lies within the assembling phase of maintenance; this is also where his talent shines the greatest. He has successfully modified a Construct. He made a tiny robot for the Commandant, which acts as an alarm, but it also constantly updates and iterates itself.


He is very sensitive to numbers. Trust Level – 2. He mentioned problems with his Construct's heat regulation system, but he never bothered to fix it. Trust Level – 2. When it comes to quarrels with Kamui, Lee's win rate is the same as Kamui's. Trust Level – 3. His favorite color is blue; the bodily fluid circulating in his body is also blue. Trust Level – 3. The physical sensation of his hair is more firm compared to other Constructs. Trust Level – 4.


He receives more communication requests from female humans compared to female Constructs, though he refused all of them. Trust Level – 4. His understanding of an object's composition is far higher than his appreciation for its appearance. Trust Level – 5. Lee and the Commandant once discussed the significance and functionality of specific designs on Constructs objectively. Objectivity includes Bianca's Recoil Cushion Pad. Trust Level – 5.


He has researched the composition of Kamui's voice system and attempted to shut it down. Trust Level – 6. He studied and developed a basic but specialized Inver-Device for the tiny robot he made. Trust Level – 6. Lee once fell for the trap that Kamui and others schemed, and as a result, he was dressed in women's clothing. After that incident, he never fell for it again. Trust Level – 7.


After receiving consent from the Commandant, Lee converted some of the information related to the Commandant from his observation into digital data, which he archived. Trust Level – 8.



Lee Palefire A-Rank:


Lee is a current member of the Gray Raven fire team; he also had a brother Moray. Lee was fascinated by machines and IT (information technology); after growing up, Lee is very skilled with electronic components and computer programming. Unfortunately, due to his brother's congenital heart disease, Lee has always worked hard to find ways to give medical treatment to Moray; however, Lee's poor financial situation makes it harder for him to do so.


Punishing Gray Raven Lee Palefire C


He is a DPS A-Rank character, and the overall active and passive skills are pretty decent, almost on Par with his S-Rank counterpart and minor AoE damage. We recommend this Structure to be evolved to SS Rank at least to utilize his abilities fully. He may lag due to his Fire elemental, but being the meta, at least he has 60% PHY DMG on him to compensate. In the end, it depends on how you use the character.


In his recommended combo page, it says electrocute with a blue 3-Ping that increases the damage taken by the enemy while also stacking it along with Yellow followed by Red.




You can equip him with two Physicals memories being Barton and four elemental memories of Shakespeare, as Palefire Lee is 60% Physical and 40% elemental. The 2-piece set bonus of Barton increases the critical chance and physical damage by 5%, which will tie with the 4-piece bonus of Shakespeare.


The Shakespeare 2-set piece increases all damage by 3% and fire damage by 7%, and the 4-set piece bonus is with each attack has a 50% chance to inflict Burn to the enemy for 8s. Attacking Burned enemies has a 20% chance to trigger an explosion, dealing 100% fire damage. Burned enemies have -8% fire resistance and take 12% fire damage every second. Stackable up to 3 times. Burn duration resets after each stack.


The issue with 60-40 is that you can’t increase both equally, as we recommend making elemental slightly more effective. When you go into the suggested memories, this is the build that is shown as the first one.


His skills sets are a bit tricky, tricky in the sense that you pretty much have to time it perfectly that it will be the only way it will work. We have to hit the Yellow followed by Red, and then three Blue plus one Yellow followed by Red. The 2nd combo can be a bit difficult because it consumes time, and in the critical moments, the time to execute combos is short.


Therefore, either you end up with 3 Blues and one Yellow, or you end up with just three Blues, and that can be kind of off-putting and tricky because sometimes the combo doesn't work flawlessly.


You will do lots of damage if you compile 3+3+3 or, in another case, 3+3+2 because the other three may not show up thanks to RNG. In short, you’re limited from some damage with this Structure.


He is a long-range attacker that focuses on kiting the enemies using relatively simple combos to chain and rack up his damage, not an expert when it comes to AoE and will need a lot of movement when dealing with AoE with a huge wave. His damage also relies on enemies staying on his burning effect, which can be problematic when dealing with highly mobile enemies as hes unable to lock them down.


Stats and Background:


Elemental – Physical 60% - Fire 40%

Health – 1439

DMG  –  318

Defense – 193

Critical – 151

Service Time – 2 Years

Activ. Date – 23/07

Height – 175cm

Weight – 63kgs

Fluid Type – AB

Mental Age – 18


Skills and Abilities:


Core Passive – Yellow Orb Skill followed by a Red Orb Skill; Consuming Yellow orbs will add Blast effect to the next Red orb. (Bullets explode on impact, dealing 40% Fire damage in an area). This skill takes into account that all 15 shots of Red will be buffed by this effect which gives 20% fire damage to the enemies to the area, which is Lee's main mechanic for this Variant, chaining Yellow to Red having burning effect and also exploding bullets on that particular area or enemies in that area.


Orb Skills:


Red Orb – Quickly fire 15 shots at the target with dual pistols, each bullet dealing 16% / 30% / 48% Physical damage. Gain Super Armor during the attacks.


Super Armor is a mechanic that makes your character uninterruptable by usual means and also increases defense when taking damage and probably. Such armor is typically found on the Bosses in Punishing Gray Raven.


Blue Orb – Fires an electric burst at the target, dealing 200% / 400% / 600% Physical damage.


Blue Orb Skill is a pure and straightforward DD skill-focused towards a single target.


Yellow Orb – Fire an incendiary round at the target, dealing 100% / 150% / 200% Fire damage upon impact and leaves behind a burning field for 3 / 4 / 5 seconds that deals 12% / 24% / 36% Fire damage every 0.5s. Attacking enemies within the area grants an additional 12% Fire damage, triggering at a maximum of once every 0.1 seconds.


This skill is an Infernal Shot that throws a bomb to do Fire damage and setting Fire to the area, which burns for a specific duration. The subsequent attacks also burn the enemies in that area and deal more fire damage. This skill is an integral part of buffing your damage. We recommend leveling it at least up to 3 so that the additional damage increases.


Active Abilities:


Attack – Fire continuously, dealing 315 (630) %, a total of 880% Physical damage. He moves back on the last attack though a bit different from the S-Rank Variant that his AA is a single target while still retaining a vast range.


QTE – Fire with dual pistols upon entering the field, dealing 330% Physical damage and inflicting Electrification. (Target takes additional 20% Physical damage for 5s when hit) It can be triggered up to 15 times. Electrocute can be stacked multiple times, and other characters can do the same with Lee.


Ultimate – Expend 100 energy and Fire all around the character, dealing with 800% Physical damage, with the final hit dealing 1200% Fire damage.


This Ultimate is a pretty nice ability doing some decent damage when you don't have to evade.


Passive Abilities:


Leader – All team members' Physical damage +5%, Elemental damage +5%. Suitable for any mixed damage character like A-Lee.


Awaken – When entering the battle, get 3 signal balls (only once per battle). Suitable to use when swapping in and out like S-Rank.


Class Passive – Damage +20%. Pretty straightforward.


SS Rank – Damage +15% to enemies within the burning field. He fits in well with his combo mechanics.


SSS Rank – Damage +15% when damage is not taken, cooldown 10s. When doing nonstop combos, this damage can add up pretty well.


SSS+ Rank – Core passive damage +20%. A lot of damage revolves around his core passive mechanic.


Weapon Signature – Wolf Fang, his 5* Pistols.


Profile Data and Secrets:


Member of the Gray Raven team, Assault model. A Construct that uses dual guns, proficient in engineering. Not only is he agile with all sorts of firearms, with pinpoint accuracy to critical spots on the infected, he also excels in construction and equipment maintenance-related work. Highly intellectual, super high standard logic calculation capabilities, he possesses a database far exceeds the data storage capacity of regular constructs; it is his responsibility in operations to install isolation devices and perform maintenance for the Gray Raven team's armament.


It appears that he has dabbled with Construct maintenance as well. Perhaps your mental capabilities can only meet up to a normal human's standard for an average life form like you. Always straight to the point, directly at the essence of the matter, even if it were out of good intentions or a level-headed consideration, his tone would either be awkward or antagonizing. To comprehend his true meaning, one must start from his actions, not words. Calling me big brother is a little.


He feels a little unnerved about the so-called title of 'big brother.' Although appearing to not care about anything, only focusing on the task at hand, he observes everything in silence. When Liv encountered an ambush attack by Tifa, he put himself in the front with no hesitation, resulting in him sustaining damage. Although he tries his best to conceal his intentions, his comrades' value on the Commandant and his companions is blatant.


I still hope you're safe and well; that's all that matters. This thought goes back to a young human named Murray. For the sake of healing his younger brother, he volunteered himself to the Construct project and became a test subject. The human organ, his heart. It now resides in his young brother's chest. Among the same batch of Constructs created, this Construct has the highest comprehensive ability. Sorry, but I've seen through your little tricks long ago.


Taking the hit in place of Liv from Tifa's attack left some adverse effects of Tifa's control. Tifa's control issue happened during the battle with Tifa. Still, thanks to Lee's internal pre-processing capability, the situation took a turn for the better, turning the danger into their favor. He is a Construct worthy of entrusting missions to.


Concerning the things he likes, he has an urge to disassemble them to study them. Trust Level – 2. He spends his time dismantling and reloading firearms rapidly during his free time. Trust Level – 2. He excels in tailoring. Trust Level – 3. He is very well versed in formal dressing codes and various fashions and styles for human wear. Trust Level – 3. The use of addressing him ‘Big brother' seems to bother him a little. Trust Level – 4.


His radar capabilities are only second to Liv's, but he is a lost cause for directions. Trust Level – 4. He is interested in human digital entertainment but immediately gave up on it as soon as he heard that Kamui likes it. Trust Level – 5. He believes his mechanical assembly and disassembly style is academic, while Nanami's style is unorthodox. Trust Level – 5.


He would occasionally add redundant features on weapons, such as adding a corkscrew. Trust Level – 6. However, he has never shown anyone the new features. Trust Level – 6. There is a 0.372% chance of missing his gun from mid-air with a relaxed pose through his precise calculations. Trust Level – 7. He has a habit of recording data for essential affairs. Trust Level – 8.


LDPlayer Feature for Punishing Gray Raven:


Punishing Gray Raven is the latest hack and slash video game that relies heavily on combos and quick-time decisions. The game requires you to match orbs while initiating their combos with other orbs while dodging and attacking, which can become difficult on mobile screens. Therefore, the LDPlayer key mapping feature allows you to set up easy controls in this situation, coupled with macros to set up certain combos by mixing up the QTE and the main character's different attacks. While some players prefer playing PGR with Keyboard and mouse, many others love to play with their controllers by utilizing the Gamepad on Emulator feature of LDPlayer.




We hope that this guide can help you understand the two Variants of Lee and what they can do with their playstyles and if these are what you are looking for and using yourself. As S-Rank is 100% Physical DD and can deal tons of damage with his skills, which are also doing AoE damage, you can pick from the S-Rank selector and seal your deal to make your progression much easier playing with him. Just make sure to practice all the timings on his abilities and understand where different ones will be useful.


If you enjoy playing characters that can kill mobs with his AoE skills, he is a great pick. If you're looking for someone with more of a hands-on approach and getting up close and personal, then you are better off choosing some other melee structures that can scratch that itch. If you are looking for some other good characters at the game, check out our Tier List on Punishing Gray Raven. 

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